Race Weekend

Over a year ago, in July, my world was turned upside down a bit when I was laid off. It was something I never saw coming and I was completely heartbroken by it.When I got home that day, I went for a run… for several reasons. The main being that it is difficult to cry when you are running so hard you can barely breathe. I also needed the runners high. Despite my world crashing down around me, I knew runners high would delay a lot of the sadness that I was too in shock to experience right away. It was also the only thing in my life that I actually had control over.

As a person with slight OCD tendencies, especially when it comes to my finances, not knowing how long your savings would need to last or when your next paycheck would come caused me stress and anxiety for months. I had ZERO control so I controlled the only thing I felt I could control… my running.

Now, I had already planned to actually train for a 10 mile race that I already had already signed up to run. The plan I had put together wasn’t aggressive, but it was by far more than I had done in a LONG time in terms of training.

With a few years of really bad running and dealing with the side effects of a prescription, I had come to realize that my biggest obstacle I was facing was this unrelenting fear. A fear that I couldn’t really control, but I could fight.

Being laid off ended up being the best thing for me (in more ways than one) but the biggest benefit was what it did for my running.

I actually had the time to focus on running and dealing with the fear. But of course, that time was two-fold. Sure, I had the time to focus and put a lot of effort into something but I also had WAY too much time to think which can definitely backfire when you are dealing with fear.

Eventually, I overcame that fear… Quite frankly, I kicked its ass.

But I also did something else; I got faster… a lot faster. Part of that was attributed to being very consistent again and part was contributed to, what I, jokingly, referred to as “the unemployment diet”. I took advantage of the spare time to introduce a LOT more protein into my daily nutrition and I cut-out processed carbs. I was still eating carbs but in the form of potatoes and sweet potatoes that I could cut and prepare myself.  

Someone that was with me every step of the way during those three months where I changed my eating habits and threw everything I had into running started to introduce the idea that I could aim for race times in distance races that I never would have dreamed of on my own. He believed in me when I did not and that gave me the confidence to actually chase after those times.

For the first time in YEARS I started to consider doing something that I had completely written off. I considered running a half marathon for time.

The first time I decided to run a half, it was kind of on a whim and I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into but I also had a very easily attainable goal… to just finish.

The race itself was very rocky but I succeeded. I then decided I was going to do all this distance running but an injury set me back and then I kept getting really bad colds every couple of months… colds that would leave me completely out of the training game for a week to ten days each time. As much as I tried, I just couldn’t keep up with training and ultimately decided that I was done with distance running for good.

But then there was that time that I signed up for a ten mile race two days prior to toeing the line. I hadn’t truly trained for the race but I had done a half and a ten mile race before so I knew what to expect. I decided to use the race as a training run and run the first 7 or so miles (my planned longer run for the week) as training and if I needed to walk the rest, then I would.

Something magical happened that day… I succeeded far beyond my expectations and actually ran a very good race. I also managed to PR. This set me up for starting to get back into the distance running game. Ten milers were my new goal and my training was centering around two a year… one in the spring and one in the fall.

But despite my best efforts, I was still failing to hit the goals I was setting for myself… mostly the training.

All of the success with last fall gave me the courage to truly go after a distance. So I started to look at half marathon races with the big caveat that it could not be in a month where I had the potential to deal with some warm weather… which basically leaves me with the months of November, December, January and February.

Not a lot of options in the Chicago land area. There is a half every January but I felt like it was too close to another racing feat that I was undertaking… one that I got horrendously sick after… so that ended up working out.

Still, I came into 2015 with one goal – Find a half marathon, train my ass off (perhaps literally) and go for broke on race day and nail an aggressive time goal of 2:15

Nailing a 2:15 half marathon would be an over 30 minute PR for me

Then Chris mentioned a new race he found that he wanted to run and my goal race date was set for November 1, 2015 in Milwaukee.

So, I put together, essentially, a year-long training plan. Anything and everything I was doing was to prep my body and my mind for that race.

You see, I still had some training related demons. I had NEVER done a training run of more than 10.47 miles (and that run was not alone). I knew what I needed, mostly from a mental standpoint, in order to achieve my time goal.

It would mean running a LOT of long runs and though I did toy with the idea of asking friends to run with me, I also knew that it would be better for me to them myself. I would need to get over my long run fear.

The fear was significantly smaller than it was at this same time last year but I did still have a lot doubts.

It was an aggressive training plan and I knew it. The majority of the training would be three months of hard work after two solid months of base building.

The plan also called for doing each distance long run twice… so I was going to be doing two 7 milers, two 8 milers, two 9 milers, two 10 milers and two 11 milers before finishing with two 12 milers.

It was the most aggressive plan I had put together to date but I was determined to nail it. I wanted this race. I had a minor set-back in June when my right IT band decided to be fickle and act up (and I still can’t figure out why) but I knew I was still in positive territory… After all, I purposely build in wiggle room to all of my training plans.

But there was one set-back that wiggle room would not be able to account for… getting injured.

For two weeks, I had been running with mild pain in my calf. The running intensity was definitely there and I have always had tight calf muscles so I didn’t really think anything of it. I ran my first 11 miler and though I was hurting a little bit, I mostly felt great. I only had 4 more weeks of intense training before I could start my two-ish week taper.

The following day, I hurt a lot more than I thought I should when I woke up so I decided to go on a two mile shake out run… and that is where everything fell apart.

The pain I had been feeling in my calf was now so intense that the pain was mostly unbearable and every single step hurt whereas before, I would be able to warm up a bit and the pain would greatly subside.

I didn’t want to do it, but I decided to take a week off, skip my second 11 miler and then resume the plan first my first 12 miler. But 4 days later with no running (and barely any walking) and I was still in a lot of pain. So I scheduled an injury screening appointment and got the confirmation that I had an injury.

But I was also cleared to run but if I felt pain, I would need to back off and/or bail. It was better than nothing so I tried to maintain some of my plan… But the pain was relentless and with every step forward I had two steps back.

I knew I had to ditch what remained on the training plan and do the physical therapy to get better. I was crushed

The training plan was mostly there to give me the mental confidence I wanted going into this race. There has never been a question of finishing the race… I know I WILL finish the race. The question remains whether or not I can finish the race the way I WANT to finish the race.

6 weeks later and barely any running and the mental edge I had planned for myself is gone. This race will be run on sheer will and stubbornness. I want this one.

I have no idea where I am at but I am going for broke


It’s Been a While…

So… I realize it has been quite some time since I last posted. It is not from lack of desire or lack of running.

When last I left you, I had just failed to meet my goal for SF10. No, I did not go dark because of failing to meet my goal. But running did go to hell in a hand basket shortly after. Not by choice, mind you…

My first run after SF10, I headed out for a 5 miler and had to cut it short at 4. My right IT Band decided to become very angry and by the last half mile of run I was in too much pain… and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. So I bailed and walked the rest of the way home and immediately got up close and personal with my foam roller. Only rolling out my IT Band didn’t actually hurt the way I expected to hurt…

Read – rolling out did NOT hurt like hell

I was baffled and thought maybe it was just a weird thing so I tried to run again the following day but two blocks into the run and pain was already where it took 3.50 miles the previous day… I knew I had to stop.

I tried one more run (which failed) before I decided to take a week off. For the most part, after SF10 I had planned to maintenance run for roughly 7 weeks before starting my training plan for my late fall half… my true goal race.

But there was another race on the schedule and I attempted a run the day before and it still didn’t go well after a week of rest and rolling. Then my favorite 10K was black flagged due to weather. Normally this would have made me a bit irked because it was a race I was originally going to run for time but this was a blessing for me. I was barely a mile into the race before I knew it was going to be a run/walk (mostly walk) due to pain.

While running the race and splashing in puddles on the way back to the Zoo to meet up with my father, I had an epiphany… I should try rolling out the top of my right calf muscle… and that’s exactly what I did… after eating a wonderfully yummy breakfast and a hot shower.

Now THAT was the pain I had been expecting the entire time i was rolling out… after a day of rest and a lot of rolling, I attempted a short run and had success… I felt tenderness but not pain. So I tested it out for the week using my “normal” schedule (5 days) but keeping all of the runs under 3 miles… Hell, I kept the runs under 2.50 miles… and continued to roll my newfound “spot”

The week was a success… all things considering… it was far from the week I had originally planned to have but it was far better than the previous two weeks. So I decided to do a mini run streak.

The streak from last summer seemed to be the catalyst to kick start my fall training and a season of PRs so I figured it would be worth it to do again to get me back on track. I kept all of the distance short and put a mental cap on the streak of 20 days.

It wasn’t easy and there were a couple of days where it meant a quick streak keeper after getting home at 9 pm to fit it in but in the end it served it purpose… and got extend by 5 days unintentionally when my schedule for the week wouldn’t allow for weekend running. I also PR’d at my next race… but 3 and a half minutes.

It hadn’t been a goal race originally but things lined up perfectly and half way through the race I knew I was on pace for a massive PR.

So yes, the streak served its purpose, once again, nicely.

Once the streak was over, I threw myself into my training plan for my big goal race. All along, I knew it was an aggressive plan but the goal was there and I was determined. There were a few snafu’s… and some insanely long work days which did not help but I managed to maintain a majority of the plan… and luckily I always have built in “wiggle room” in all of my plans.

That’s the main reason I put together my own training plans. It works for me. I don’t mind the longer than necessary training cycle and I know the sacrifices I have to make in order to nail it.

And really, after my huge break through last fall, I knew I finally had it in me… a confidence entering a training cycle that I haven’t had in YEARS.

More importantly, I WANTED it.

People have often asked me why I haven’t run a marathon and why it is not a goal for me (and likely never will). For me, it is a simple answer, I don’t want it. Wanting it is key for me… it is the only way I can have a successful training cycle. If I don’t want it then I won’t do it.

You see, I love running. Truly love it. Going for a run (pretty much) daily is not difficult for me because I actually like it. It clears my head, lets me think and calms me. And for the first time in what feels like forever, I haven’t felt extreme anxiety about needing to run long.

When I sat down to put together the training schedule, I knew it was aggressive (and even a co-worker thought so as well) but I also knew it was I needed to do to meet my goal. The plan would loosely start the last two weeks of July. It would “officially” begin the first week of August. It would contain 10 runs over 8 miles… and a year ago there was no way in hell I would have put that kind of a plan together.

And I have digressed…

So I went dark and focused on the running… well… and work…

My life has been work, running and sleeping. Work has been insanely crazy lately and that was something I couldn’t cut back on. So I made my choice… one of the things that had to give was the blog… even though I have continued to run and write blog posts on my head…

But as I am getting closer to winding down this training cycle, I have been itching to write again… I can’t guarantee I will stay on top of it until my goal race is over… but I am at least going to try to maintain this thing to some degree.

I have a LOT to catch you all up on and I have serval race reports to write up. I have some changes and new goals on the horizon and I really want to put down a lot about this most recent training cycle.

If you want something enough, you are willing to make sacrifices for it and this has been just one of the sacrifices I have made… But it was never going to be permanent.

Weekly Training Report: May 18th – 24th

May 18-24

Monday – 2.20 / 20:40

Headed outside on the LFT for a short run. It was a windy day but the weather was gorgeous otherwise. Knowing that I had a goal race that I was prepared for, I opted to keep the mileage low and decided two-ish miles would be good for the day.

Tuesday – 1.25 / 11:52

Decided to head to the gym to avoid the cooler weather and get in a strength training session. Keeping with the low mileage theme for the week I did a little warm up mile and then decided to do some sprints where I would sprint the straights and run the curves. In all fairness… I should probably make speed work a regular thing. After the run, I hit the weights and got in a pretty decent workout.

Wednesday – Rest

After work I got the race bibs for everyone for the JPM Corp Challenge and the packets for Chris and I for SF10. The weather was icky so I didn’t walk as much as I might have but I still got in a decent walk.

Thursday – JPM Corporate Challenge – 3.50 / 37:46

What a difference a day makes… the weather was now gorgeous compared to the cold and rain and wind from the day before. It was a good day for a leisurely run downtown. You can read my full report of the race here.

Friday – Rest

This was always a planned rest day with a goal race the following morning. I just hoped that race anxiety wouldn’t get the best of me and I would actually get a somewhat decent night of sleep…

Saturday – SF 10 Mile – 10.00 / 1:49:35

It was race day and I was ready to race… although not as ready as I should be. I knew training hadn’t gone too well and I wasn’t truly ready for the going after my time goal but… I was at least more ready for this race than the previous two years… minor victories. You can read my full report here.

Sunday – Rest

I did consider running but I was also pretty tired. The previous day had been a very long one with the trip up to Milwaukee and the play. It was a fun day but I was tired. After getting back into the city, Chris was nice enough to take me to the grocery store before dropping me off at home. I met up with a friend later in the evening to see a movie but the movie ended up being sold out so instead we grabbed some drinks instead and just talked. All in all it was a good Sunday.


Definitely have some work to do before I can go after the 1:40 goal again. Heading into the “off Season” for me but I think I have a good plan of how to tackle it.

Race Report: Soldier Field 10 Mile

1 SF10 5-23-2015

Over the years, this race has become one of my favorite races… it is a race that will always appear on my race schedule. In all good intentions, I wanted to train for this race… for the first time ever since I missed my 10 mile time goal in November. But life happens when you are making plans and training went to hell in a hand basket. Despite my desire to nail my time goal, I knew that ultimately, I wasn’t where I needed to be to make it happen.

But I was still optimistic that things would line up perfectly and I would have one of those magical run days…

I headed over to Fleet Feet to get my and Chris’ race packets on Wednesday after work and it was a seamless process… although getting the confirmation email from them was not so seamless… I think they had some sort of email issue because this is the first time I have ever had that issue with a Fleet Feet Race.

While looking at our bib numbers in the email, I noticed that Chris was two corrals behind me… and I haven’t the foggiest clue how that happened because he is faster than me. Luckily, this year, I had an early corral so I knew I would start the race earlier than in years past. But I joked with Chris that my new goal was to finish the race before him… Because I knew if he passed me he would happily smack my butt while running past me. We then came up with a running plan. He would more than likely catch up to me and then run the rest of the race with me since I was going for a 1:40 and he would be happy with a 1:30.

He was gracious enough to pick me up the morning of the race which made the logistics far easier. Post race we would head to breakfast before showering and then leaving for Milwaukee to go see Book of Mormon. We got there with plenty of time and no issues. After taking a quick pre-race picture, we checked our bags and headed over to the start corrals.

2 SF10 5-23-2015

The starting ceremony honored all those that have lost their lives fighting for our country and thanked those that continue to serve. There was a long list of names read out of those that have lost their lives since this race last year. I found myself getting choked up this year thinking of S just starting his career in the military and hoping that I never have to hear his name at this race.

The race started at 7 am on the dot with the elites and then the first two corrals. They allowed a minute and a half between each corral after that so 6 minutes later, I was at the very front of my corral and right on the start line when the horn went off and we started running.

And I stupidly went out WAY too fast… I was running sub 8 for maybe half a mile which I is a pace that I can maintain for… about half a mile. Being at the very front of the corral might not have been the best idea…

I slowed it down and just ran comfortable for the next few miles, walking through the first water station. I was checking my mile splits whenever I saw the mile markers and knew I was already off pace for hitting my goal and knew my pace was not going to get better the more I ran.

Right after the second water station as I was finishing my cup of water, I saw Chris and sprinted to catch up to him. I briefly debated smacking his butt since he would have done the same to me had he actually seen me as he passed me but instead I tapped him on his shoulder. This was about 3.50 miles into the race. We ran together until the mile 4 marker and I checked my split. I was slowing so I told him that 1:40 wasn’t going to happen. He said he would see me at the finish and we parted ways.

We reached the turn around shortly after and I was started to head back toward Soldier Field I did a body check. I was starting to feel sore and I knew I had a blister forming… or already formed on one of my toes that would only get worse if I left the tape on it.

I also saw someone down on the ground… clearly in distress and not moving. There were about 10 other runners around this person and I heard one person on the phone with 911… Scary sight to see and I hope that person ended up being ok

After the next water stop which wasn’t too far after the turn around, I stopped to take the tape off my toe to stop the blister from getting worse. So I lost a few minutes there but knew it had to be done. I then headed on my merry way…

Until I reached the one massive hill that kills me every year. I know I write about this hill every year but I also manage to block it from memory each year and never remember it is part of the course until I am upon it. Since I was already struggling, I opted to walk up the hill instead of run.

The next few miles were a struggle… the sun was shining bright and I was getting thirsty quickly. One thing I love about this race is that there is a water station about every mile and a half which I am very thankful for. I was walking more than I wanted to but I just couldn’t hold on.

Once I hit mile marker 8 I saw 1:34 and change on the clock. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run two miles in 15 minutes so I knew that a 1:45 was out the window but I still had a fighting chance for a 1:50 so I started to try to pick up the pace a bit but still allowed myself a few walk breaks.

Hitting the 9 mile mark and knowing I was almost done, I allowed myself a short walk break and then took off. I wanted to leave everything I had left on the course. The last half mile feels like forever because we have to go past the start line and keep running until we reach the downhill to head into the stadium. I love that downhill because I can pick up time and charge ahead.

As I entered the stadium I could see the time clock reading 1:55 and change so I rushed forward as fast as I could to beat the clock from turning over to 1:56. After crossing the finish line, I was definitely done. It wasn’t my best race but I did give it my best. I got my medal from the nice serviceman and thanked him for his service before getting a bottle of water. I then headed toward gear check to get my bag and find Chris.

He had already checked his time and knew he was 1:23 and change… Awesome job!

I got my bag and we headed out of the concourse and got our runner goody bag… which is an actual bag. I think more races need to do this because it is difficult to carry the bottle of water and all the snacks we receive post race. We did not stick around for the post race party and headed to the car to go get food and shower and get on the road.

This race always does a great job on the medals and this year is no different

4 SF10 5-23-2015

My Official Time – 1:49:35 for a pace of 10:58. It is not the time I wanted but I am happy with it knowing that I wasn’t where I needed to be physically. I have some work to do to get to that 1:40 goal….

5 SF10 5-23-2015

Race Report: JPM Chase Corporate Challenge

JPM Corp Challenge 2015.jpg

It was my first time running this race since 2009. I am hardly the same runner I was back in 2009… a lot has changed. But I did know that one thing had not changed… this is not a race you run for time. Plus I had a goal race two days later so it was never my intention to run this for time. I decided to use this race as a shake out run and just run at a slow conversational pace instead.

Despite knowing that this is a race you cannot run for time, I still expected some sort of organization. Instead it seemed like mass chaos. And really… why on earth does a race with over 25,000 runners NOT have a gear check tent?!?!?!

From what I could see there were a total of “4 corrals” and I am putting that in quotes because there was zero policing of said corrals and there didn’t seem to be any reason why a person was in the A corral over the D corral. The only Corral that was policed was the “elite” corral… and those people had a different color bib.

It took forever to get into the corrals and there was certainly no way of knowing which corral was for which pace. Would it really be that difficult to hang some pacing signs?

Granted, I fully understand that this race is 90% people who don’t usually run and instead do this “race” once a year to spend time with friends/co-workers but the race organizers could still attempt some sort of order for those of us that do run.

My two biggest complaints are definitely the lack of gear check and the lack of correctly paced corrals.

Be that as it may, I knew going into this race that unless you are an elite, there is no way to be able to run this for time. Which meant that I went into the race deciding I was just going to have fun and run slow.

Lucky for me, one of my co-workers wanted someone to run with and she runs at a slower pace than I normally do so I happily volunteered to run with her.

The race started on time but it took me a solid 22 minutes to cross the start line. Race organizers narrowed the corrals down significantly and that was the start line thus creating a huge bottleneck. Not exactly the best way to get over 25,000 runners across a start line.

Once crossing the start line, I turned to my co-worker and asked, “so how are you at crowd dodging?” She said she was decent so I proceeded to start weaving because there were so many walkers already… If I wanted to run this race for time, I would have been very annoyed.

The rest of the race was pretty enjoyable and I chatted with my co-worker some. I noticed all of the mile markers, though I was apparently the only one from my company who noticed all of them. I have no idea if they were accurate because running on lower Wacker means I lose satellite reception on my Garmin. Luckily, it had been cold the previous day so lower Wacker was not hot and stuffy like normal.

There was never really any room to open up and there were a lot of turns as well so it was difficult to truly get into a groove. Nearing the finish line it was difficult to break into a sprint because there were too many people but we tried and did finish strong.

When then found our co-workers and waited for everyone else to finish before calling it a night.

All in all, it was an enjoyable night and perfect weather but this race definitely has a LOT of room for improvement.

My official Time – 37:46 for a 10:48 Pace which I am more than happy with for a shake out run

3 JPM Corp Challenge 5-21-2015

Ready to Race

Tomorrow I am running the Soldier Field 10 Mile (SF10) race. Over the past couple of years, it has become one of my favorite races to run for several reasons.

The race has been always been very well run. Fleet Feet does an excellent job putting on races and this race is no different. The course is wide and open and there is quite often more than enough room to run. Water stations are plentiful which is always a huge bonus for me… and the back half of the race is along the LFT which (by this time of the year) usually has water fountains on which has helped me more than once. Ending the race on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field is unique and a lot of fun… even if you aren’t a Bears/Football/Sports fan, it is a different kind of finish line that makes this race a little more unique. And I have always been a fan of the medal we receive as well.

But there is something else about this race that I love that I have rarely spoken about. In case none of you have noticed, this race occurs on Memorial Day Weekend every year on Saturday. There is a reason for that. Fleet Feet chooses to honor those have served and are serving our country. Those that are willing to risk their lives for our freedom. Before each corral starts to run, the announcer always names every single person within that corral who has served or is still serving in our military. At the end of the race, we receive our medals from a military person. There is also always at least one person who runs with an American flag every year… I have no idea if it is the same person each person.

I remember the first time I ran this race how moved I was to see that American Flag while running this race. At that time, I was struggling because I foolishly took Gatorade instead of water at the first water station which caused my stomach to cramp the remainder of the race. But seeing that flag, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and I was determined to finish the race even though I desperately wanted to quit. Each year, I continue to be moved by seeing that American flag on the course and I know this year will be the same.

This year, however, I expect to be more emotional than normal. I have always had the utmost respect for those that have served or are serving in our military. I have had family members serve in the past and have known a lot people through the years that have served as well. But this year is a little different for me because now one of my dearest friends is in the military. From the time that I met him, I knew that was his goal and it is what drove him to try and be the best that he could be. He has helped me so much over the past year. He was there for me when I really needed someone and he helped me battle my demons. He helped me become a better runner. I am now considering time goals for various race distances that I never dreamed I could attain but I am already close to them. Yes, I had to put in the work but he helped me get there with support and encouragement and knowledge. I know he will always cheer me on and believe in me, even if it is from afar. This time goal that I have in mind is because of him… and honestly, it is a time goal that I never considered until he suggested it. He had faith in me before I did.

I want that time goal that he set for me but I also know that training fell apart this cycle and I am not where I should be. But I still intend to go after the goal. I am prepared for missing it but I still want it and that want will help carry me through. I also know that he has my back and has faith in me and knowing that will help when I start to struggle on the back half… When my lack of training sets in and I start to hurt and want to give up.

So tomorrow when I line up to race, I won’t be racing just for me. I will be racing for those that have served and continue to serve our country. The men and women that are willing to risk their lives for our freedom. Thank you to all of those men and women.

Weekly Training Report: May 11th – 17th

May 11-17

Monday – 3.05 / 29:20

It was a windy and a humid one out there. Definitely battled the wind when I turned back south and then when I headed west but overall it was a good run. Need to work on getting acclimated to the warmer and humid weather too.

Tuesday – 3.01 / 29:46

Really didn’t feel like/want to run but I forced myself to lace up and head out there. It was warmer than I expected it to be but the run was a battle the entire time. My heart just wasn’t in it.

Wednesday – Rest

I was in the same boat as Tuesday but I also didn’t think I had the will to battle through another bad run so I decided to get some errands out of the way instead. Since I wasn’t running, I figured walking my errands would be smart so I got in quite a nice walk.

Thursday – Rest

This was a planned rest day since there was a condo association meeting in the evening. It was our annual meeting and oddly, I actually do enjoy going to these.

Friday – 3.08 / 29:38

I received a text from S on the way home. S has always been my support in running even though it can’t be everyday anymore. But it was just the swift kick in the butt that I needed to get out the door and actually look forward to the run. The run felt awesome which was a stark contrast to most of my running over the past few weeks. I also passed Eric while on the LFT.

Saturday – 3.07 / 29:47

Haircut day which means an early start for me. Well… in all honestly, most every day is an early start for me but this one meant I was up, dressed and had breakfast all before 9. After my haircut, I headed to get groceries and proceeded to do two miles of Grocery carries (AKA Farmer Carries) home. Awesome workout but the extreme humidity and much warmer temps meant I was sweating like crazy by the time I got home. I changed to head out for a run immediately since the weather called for off and on rain/storms and the next hour looked clear. I ran into Eric when I was near my half way point so he joined my for a little bit. He was doing 10 miles but I knew I was calling it at three miles. It was very humid outside and I knew that running at noon may not have been the smarted move… especially after two miles of grocery carries but since I need to start acclimating to the weather, I figured why not.

Sunday – 3.07 / 29:32

My building has yet to turn the AC on so it has been stifling in my condo. I made sure to get my meal prep for the week done right away to avoid the afternoon heat up. I then headed out for a run even though I knew it was the warmer part of the day but I also knew that it was cooler outside than it was in my home… plus I wanted to watch the Hawks play at 2. It was cooler along the LFT which was much appreciated and for once, I was happy to run into the wind. I did notice at one point running where it felt like I crossed some sort of front because it went from cool to a wall of heat… it was odd because I had never felt that before and it was a drastic change. I was at least quicker than the day before so that was something.


I made the decision early in the week to just ditch the longer run and instead just focus on trying to run 5 days this week. Small victories.