Weekly Training Report: May 18th – 24th

May 18-24

Monday – 2.20 / 20:40

Headed outside on the LFT for a short run. It was a windy day but the weather was gorgeous otherwise. Knowing that I had a goal race that I was prepared for, I opted to keep the mileage low and decided two-ish miles would be good for the day.

Tuesday – 1.25 / 11:52

Decided to head to the gym to avoid the cooler weather and get in a strength training session. Keeping with the low mileage theme for the week I did a little warm up mile and then decided to do some sprints where I would sprint the straights and run the curves. In all fairness… I should probably make speed work a regular thing. After the run, I hit the weights and got in a pretty decent workout.

Wednesday – Rest

After work I got the race bibs for everyone for the JPM Corp Challenge and the packets for Chris and I for SF10. The weather was icky so I didn’t walk as much as I might have but I still got in a decent walk.

Thursday – JPM Corporate Challenge – 3.50 / 37:46

What a difference a day makes… the weather was now gorgeous compared to the cold and rain and wind from the day before. It was a good day for a leisurely run downtown. You can read my full report of the race here.

Friday – Rest

This was always a planned rest day with a goal race the following morning. I just hoped that race anxiety wouldn’t get the best of me and I would actually get a somewhat decent night of sleep…

Saturday – SF 10 Mile – 10.00 / 1:49:35

It was race day and I was ready to race… although not as ready as I should be. I knew training hadn’t gone too well and I wasn’t truly ready for the going after my time goal but… I was at least more ready for this race than the previous two years… minor victories. You can read my full report here.

Sunday – Rest

I did consider running but I was also pretty tired. The previous day had been a very long one with the trip up to Milwaukee and the play. It was a fun day but I was tired. After getting back into the city, Chris was nice enough to take me to the grocery store before dropping me off at home. I met up with a friend later in the evening to see a movie but the movie ended up being sold out so instead we grabbed some drinks instead and just talked. All in all it was a good Sunday.


Definitely have some work to do before I can go after the 1:40 goal again. Heading into the “off Season” for me but I think I have a good plan of how to tackle it.


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