Weekly Training Report: May 11th – 17th

May 11-17

Monday – 3.05 / 29:20

It was a windy and a humid one out there. Definitely battled the wind when I turned back south and then when I headed west but overall it was a good run. Need to work on getting acclimated to the warmer and humid weather too.

Tuesday – 3.01 / 29:46

Really didn’t feel like/want to run but I forced myself to lace up and head out there. It was warmer than I expected it to be but the run was a battle the entire time. My heart just wasn’t in it.

Wednesday – Rest

I was in the same boat as Tuesday but I also didn’t think I had the will to battle through another bad run so I decided to get some errands out of the way instead. Since I wasn’t running, I figured walking my errands would be smart so I got in quite a nice walk.

Thursday – Rest

This was a planned rest day since there was a condo association meeting in the evening. It was our annual meeting and oddly, I actually do enjoy going to these.

Friday – 3.08 / 29:38

I received a text from S on the way home. S has always been my support in running even though it can’t be everyday anymore. But it was just the swift kick in the butt that I needed to get out the door and actually look forward to the run. The run felt awesome which was a stark contrast to most of my running over the past few weeks. I also passed Eric while on the LFT.

Saturday – 3.07 / 29:47

Haircut day which means an early start for me. Well… in all honestly, most every day is an early start for me but this one meant I was up, dressed and had breakfast all before 9. After my haircut, I headed to get groceries and proceeded to do two miles of Grocery carries (AKA Farmer Carries) home. Awesome workout but the extreme humidity and much warmer temps meant I was sweating like crazy by the time I got home. I changed to head out for a run immediately since the weather called for off and on rain/storms and the next hour looked clear. I ran into Eric when I was near my half way point so he joined my for a little bit. He was doing 10 miles but I knew I was calling it at three miles. It was very humid outside and I knew that running at noon may not have been the smarted move… especially after two miles of grocery carries but since I need to start acclimating to the weather, I figured why not.

Sunday – 3.07 / 29:32

My building has yet to turn the AC on so it has been stifling in my condo. I made sure to get my meal prep for the week done right away to avoid the afternoon heat up. I then headed out for a run even though I knew it was the warmer part of the day but I also knew that it was cooler outside than it was in my home… plus I wanted to watch the Hawks play at 2. It was cooler along the LFT which was much appreciated and for once, I was happy to run into the wind. I did notice at one point running where it felt like I crossed some sort of front because it went from cool to a wall of heat… it was odd because I had never felt that before and it was a drastic change. I was at least quicker than the day before so that was something.


I made the decision early in the week to just ditch the longer run and instead just focus on trying to run 5 days this week. Small victories.


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