Weekly Training Report: May 4th – 10th

May 4-10

Monday – Rest

Mom was still in town so when I got home from work we headed up to our favorite restaurant for dinner. It was yummy 🙂

Tuesday – 3.09 / 29:42

It was foggy and chilly running on the LFT. The wind going north was brutal but luckily it wasn’t one of those of days where I was always running into the wind. The week didn’t look promising weather wise so I wasn’t sure how often I would be able to run outside. So I took advantage of it while I could. After the run, I did a lot of lunges… I think I did 50 per leg… but of course I didn’t count or write it down…

Wednesday – 6.01 / 59:26

Living about half a mile from the LFT, it is usually as cool at my place as it on the LFT however, today was a day where it got noticeably cooler the closer I got to the lake. There was easily a 5 degree difference between my home and the lakefront. But despite the dense fog along the lake, I took advantage of less wind and cooler temps and decided to put in 6 miles.

Thursday – 2.02 / 19:43

This run was brutal. Doing a lot of lunges and then doing a longer run the day after wasn’t the smartest plan since my body is a tad out of shape right now. Added to the warmer weather which I am not acclimated to yet and I just felt beat up during this run.

Friday – Rest

As it was getting closer to time to leave work, I checked the weather, as I often do if I plan to run and saw that there were some pretty severe storms moving quickly towards the city. Part of me hoped I would be able to get home and run in time before they hit. However, a check of the weather once I was on the bus told me that I would be lucky just to get home in time. In the end, I made it home about 10 minutes before it started to pour. So it ended up being a night on my couch catching up on TiVo.

Saturday – 2.00 / 20:00

Everything about this run sucked. I took it to the indoor track because the weather was awful and no matter how hard I tried, I could not seem to make my legs go faster than a 10:00 pace. I was rather angry with the run when I was done so I decided the smart and logical thing to do would be to get in some speed work… because this makes perfect sense. Taking advantage of the track, I sprinted the straights and walked the curves. Surprisingly, I was able to sprint… go figure. After the track work, I headed downstairs to get in some strength training. Definitely should have increased the weight though because it felt a little too easy.

Sunday – Rest

I had the best intentions to run but I was just too tired. The thought of dealing with the awful was completely unappealing as was the thought of hiking it to the gym to run two or three miles. A nap sounded so much more fun… so that is exactly what I did.


Despite not having the best week of running, I was glad that I at least got in a longer run for the week. But I also came to the realization that I am not going to be where I need to be to go for my time goal at SF10. Unless I have one of those truly magical race days where everything lines up perfectly, it is just not going to happen… so that’s been making the motivation to run more difficult.


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