Weekly Training Report: April 20th – May 3rd

Apr 20 - May 3

April 20 – Monday – 3.00 / 28:36

Took the running indoors because there was a wind chill of 39 and I just didn’t want to deal with that at the end of April. My first two miles were a little too fast and I faded starting the third mile but I still managed to finish strong on the last two laps. Followed the run with leg day at the gym. My attempts to stay consistent with strength training have been hit or miss… a lot of miss

April 21 – Tuesday – 2.18 / 20:41

At the last minute, I decided to take the run outside instead of hiking it to the gym. I quickly realized that was a bad idea because it was insanely windy. Wanted to battle for 3 miles but just couldn’t manage it… it really didn’t help that I wasn’t dressed correctly either.

April 22 – Wednesday – Rest

The day was a scheduled rest day as a friend from NYC was in town. We met up for drinks and some hockey watching. Then one of his friends joined so two drinks turned into three drinks, then one of my friends joined so three drinks turned into four drinks. My friend then decided going to another bar was a fantastic idea… so five drinks later I got home at 11:30 at night with a 4:45 am alarm clock the following morning…

April 23 – Thursday – 2.00 / 19:23

Can I just say that I LOATHE hangover running. This is also why I don’t drink that often. But I still managed to hike it to the gym and get in the run. I was miserable during the run but felt much better after the run. I was also glad that I was able to maintain a decent pace for the run. After the run I got in a really awesome upper body strength training workout. I then stayed up to watch the Hawks game… so it was another night of getting into bed at 11:30 with a 4:45 am alarm clock the following morning…

April 24 – Friday – Rest

Two late nights with early alarm clocks was rather painful and I paid for it. I was beyond exhausted the entire day and getting worse. My biggest concern was falling asleep at work. I knew running was just not going to happen. Not only would it have been an awful run with an increased risk of injury but I wasn’t sure I would be able to stay awake past 8 pm… I made it to 8:15….

April 25 – Saturday – Rest

The original plan was to run a few errands and then head to the gym for a run and some strength training. But my errands took me a little longer than planned… not helped by a few detours on Michigan Ave. When I got home I still had a ton of packing to do for my business trip. By the time packing was done, I was starving and knew running while hungry wouldn’t be pretty so I bailed.

April 26 – Sunday – Rest

Also known as travel day. In all fairness, I could have run in the morning but we all know how much I loathe morning running. So I enjoyed a lazy morning before what I knew would be a very busy week. I then got picked up by my co-worker and we headed to the airport to go to Providence, RI for the week. There wasn’t enough time to run between getting to the hotel and going out to dinner.

April 27 – Monday – Rest

We all (there were 3 of us) met in the hotel lobby at 8 am for a nice little 5 minute walk to the office. Once we arrived we dove right into work and before I knew it, 11 hours had flown by and we still weren’t any closer to leaving for the day. It had been a little crazy and stressful so we decided that Margarita’s were a necessity. The food was very good and the margarita’s very strong.

April 28 – Tuesday – 2.91 / 28:19

Our leader for the week, A, was in desperate need for a good nights rest since she had been on the road all month. We left “early” at 6:15ish and headed back to the hotel. I was determined to get in a run and my other co-worker, T, wanted to join me. We changed quickly and met in the lobby. The day before I had found a huge (by Chicago standards) hill that I wanted to tackle. T probably didn’t quite know what she was getting herself into when she said she wanted to run with me because she gave me a, “are you F*cking kidding me” look when she found out I wanted to take on the hill. I conquered the hill and T decided she no longer wanted to run with me shortly thereafter… Oops… I may have over-done it with her. But I still continued on and throughly enjoyed my run through part of the historic district of Providence with lots of beautiful colonials… and sidewalks made out of bricks that were not even close to level. I thought of S with his “good training” motto.

April 29 – Wednesday – Rest

It was another late night and the huge group of us went out to dinner together. As much as I would have liked to run, sometimes it is just as important to go out and get to know the people you work with better.

April 30 – Thursday – Rest

By the time we left the office it was after 8. I am OK with running in the dark in Chicago (though still don’t really enjoy it) but there is no way I am going to run by myself in the dark in a city I am not even close to familiar with. Plus it was our last night in Providence so we had yummy Italian food and then sought out a famous dessert spot. It was then back to the hotel to pack.

May 1 – Friday – Rest

We headed to the office after checking out of the Hotel. There was a lot of work to do and very little time to do it in. Once at the office we jumped in and just focused. At 2:30, A and I headed to the airport to catch our flight back to Chicago. When we landed we found my mother at baggage claim because she flew in to surprise my Aunt at her surprise birthday party… I can talk about it now since it happened :-p By the time we got my place, we were hungry so grabbed a quick dinner and then watched the Hawks win before I completely conked out. Thank goodness the Hawks did NOT go into OT.

May 2 – Saturday – 4.04 / 38:16

Mom and I started out having brunch with a friend of mine before heading downtown to do some unplanned shopping and then running a few errands. I needed groceries and for the first time in my adult made a decision to get my healthy lunch food instead of having pizza for lunch all week. I may officially be an adult now… It was an absolutely gorgeous day out so I decided to take advantage and headed out for a run. I wanted at least 3 miles for the day but kind of wanted to go for 5. In the end, I decided to see how I felt. Overall I felt great but I was feeling it a little more than I wanted to 2 miles in so I knew it would be smarter to do 4 miles instead of 5 miles.

May 3 – Sunday – Rest

Surprise Party Day!!! And oh boy was my Aunt surprised… especially since my mom answered the door. It was wonderful spending the day with some awesome ladies.


My goal for this week is just get back on track. Ideally I want to hit at least 15 miles for the week and should do a longer run of 6ish miles but the weather does NOT look like it will cooperate. Secondary goal is to run at least 3 miles 5 days this week… and for you non-math folks, that will give me the 15 miles :-p


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