Weekly Training Report: April 13th – 19th

April 13-19

Monday – 3.29 / 31:57

Started off my week running through the park. The water fountains were being turned on and I know that running through the park isn’t really an option on the weekends. So I took advantage of the Monday evening and ran through my favorite part of the city. Was a bit dehydrated because I didn’t drink as much water at work as I should have so that slowed me down a tad.

Tuesday – 3.07 / 28:11

It has been a VERY long time since I have had to run the day out after a brutal day at work and this was definitely one of them. I worked very late and even though I was mentally drained and exhausted, I knew I needed the run. I ran hard… even if it wasn’t that smart. The run allowed me to clear my head though and that is exactly what I needed.

Wednesday – Rest 

Despite another rough day at work, I just couldn’t force it. I didn’t even get home until 7:30 and just didn’t have the mental bandwidth to battle through a run, even if I did need the mental clarity.

Thursday – 3.14 / 28:58

Another rough day at work… are we noticing a pattern? Luckily, I was able to leave work before 6 though. I laced up and headed outside. It was an absolutely gorgeous night out and I was thrilled to be running on the LFT. I even saw a friend… even if I didn’t stop to say hi… I was in a groove and really just needed to finish the run. But I felt amazing after the run and it was exactly what I needed.

Friday – 2.36 / 22:21

Started my day off exhausted despite a solid night of sleep. I was so exhausted that I was running into furniture. Yea… I have only lived in this condo for about two and a half years now… I also managed to shampoo my hair twice… ok, it is going to be one of THOSE days. The day at work was no better and despite my hopes that it wouldn’t be a rough day, it was. I headed out for the run even though my body didn’t feel up for it. I nearly face planted twice within the first mile so I knew it just was not my day. I called it quits before hitting three…. mostly because I was worried if I pushed my luck I actually WOULD face plant.

Saturday – Rest

I had the best intentions of running. But I didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked (I was too hot) and I just felt tired the entire day. I knew the week at work had caught up to me. One of my good friends was in town for a short while but managed to squeeze in a brunch… although I got way too hungry waiting for him (yes, HE was late) so I ended up not eating at said brunch but decided to have a mimosa… which sealed the deal of not running. Truth be told, even if I hadn’t had the drink, I probably still wouldn’t have run. I knew I needed the extra day so I was ok with taking it.

Sunday – Rest

The plan for the day had always been to rest. In fact, I choose to get a pizza Sunday night so I wouldn’t have to do meal prep for the week and would just take the leftovers for lunch instead. I desperately needed the very lazy day and it was glorious.


Definitely not the best week of training but I am hoping to at least hit 15 miles for the week this week… and hopefully hit 5 days as well.


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