Marathon Monday

If you are a runner, then there is a good chance that you know what today is. It is the third Monday in April, Patriots Day in Massachusetts. It is the day of the Boston Marathon.

A year ago I was at the race. The first Marathon after the tragedy at the finish line. I will never forget my first sighting of that finish line… the iconic finish line that so many of us runners dream of crossing. Even though I choose to not run a marathon, I still think about what it might be like to cross that finish line.

So I found the next best option for me… I found a 5K that shared the last half mile of the marathon course before continuing on to our own finish line. Running down Boylston was magical. Knowing how many runners have run down that street while heading toward that finish line… a dream for many was just incredible.

The entire weekend was emotional… a mix of highs and lows. Knowing what had transpired a year earlier and refusing to let them win. Refusing to let the finish line be theirs. The finish line was ours and it was time to take it back.

I was extremely fortunate that my parents went along with the whole thing. It was so important for me to be there one year later and they knew that. The entire weekend was about the marathon and running… and it wasn’t even my running.

More than anything, I would love to be there again. I know greatness will happen again. I know that the support will be insurmountable. After all… it’s Boston.

If you happened to miss my posts about Marathon Monday you can read them here and here.

I have always supported this race… always turned on the live video feed while at work to watch the elites and to track any friends that I may now running the race. This year will be no different. I will watch eagerly for those I know and for those I don’t know. Greatness will happen again. Of this, I have no doubt in my mind.

Good luck to all the amazing runners out there. My heart is with you where I cheer from afar. My heart is at the Boston Marathon.

1 Boston 4-20-14


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