Weekly Training Report: April 6th – 12th

April 6-12

Monday – 3.07 / 29:40

I still had the remnants of my cold… I was still congested. But I felt more normal than I had been so small victories. Decided to try a different course to hit 3 miles… mostly to see if it would work and it did. This gave me an idea for when I need runs between 5 and 8 miles… since I don’t have good courses for those distances. The weather wasn’t spectacular but it is significantly warmer than it was at this time last year.

Tuesday – 2.00 / 19:28

Took the run to the gym because I wanted to strength train. For the run I decided to keep the pace comfortable and go hard for the strength training session. Felt pretty good but I definitely need to try to keep up with the strength training.

Wednesday – 2.02 / 19:09

Quick little two miler outside. This whole cooler lakefront thing is a love/hate relationship. I considered going to the gym to get in another strength training session but there were some things I wanted to do at home too so I had to choose.

Thursday – Rest

Knew that I would be staying late at work due to a company meeting. Also knew that it was supposed to storm on and off most of the day… so I planned for it to be a rest day.

Friday – Rest

An issue arose at work and I ended up working late. Despite the gorgeous weather, I just didn’t have the mental capacity to run. I did, however, notice that more of the water fountains were on in the park, which means there were more water fountains on along the path as well…. This is very exciting news in my running world 😀

Saturday – 6.22 / 1:02:01

Ended up running with Eric. We were texting back and forth about some stuff and he commented that he was looking forward to a run to enjoy the weather and I made the same comment. It then occurred to me that we should run together. So we did. My intention was to run at a conversational pace… which is 10:00/10:15 but we pushed the pace a bit. I at least felt good about feeling winded a few times while running when I checked the pace after the run. Always fun to run with someone!

Sunday – 2.03 / 19:10

I met up with Eric to go to some open houses with him… he started to look at buying a place and since I have already gone through that process, I offered to help. Once we were done, we grabbed some yummy gelato (thanks, Eric!) and chatted a bit. I still had some stuff to do at home and wanted to get in at least two miles to finish off the week so I headed home while he waited for his agent for a private showing.


It was a good week. Once I knew I was getting better from my cold, I adjusted my weekly goals for a couple of weeks so I could allow  myself to ease back into things but I ended up not needing the extra planned rest day since I kept the mileage on the lower side.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: April 6th – 12th

  1. Yay, the water fountains are on! There is a gelato place by me in Lincoln Square that is delicious. Come to think of it, I will run by it during the Ravenswood Run next weekend! I wonder if it’ll be open as I run by so I can grab a quick scoop! 🙂

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