Two Years

Runners United to Remember

It has been two years now… two years since tragedy at the finish line of an incredible race. I still remember being excited in the morning… excited to see so many runners do something incredible.

But that something incredible turned into something even more incredible…. a something that arose from tragedy.

The images from that day are still vivid in my mind and I still get choked up when I think about it all… in fact, I have tears in my eyes now.

I had a thought the other day while running… running is my personal life. It is my friend, my lover, my passion, my boyfriend…. Running has given me (and continues to give) so much more than I ever imagined. The thought that someone would try to take that away from me… away from anyone is… well… shattering.

Running has been there for me through everything and I know it always will be. I think of a line from the movie “What Women Want” where Mel Gibson’s character is pitching to Nike and we see the proposed commercial and hear him talking… “The road doesn’t care if it’s been one week or even one hour. All the road cares about is that you pay it a visit once in a while.” (Note: that may not be 100% accurate but it is pretty close… doing this from memory)

I know that is true…. That is what running is. It is always there when you need it.

On this day, I will mourn for the tragedy that we all experienced but I will also think about the incredible. The amazing feats that we as runners accomplish on the course. And the amazing feats of people who had no idea what was going on but only wanted to help.

They tried to destroy us but I will continue to lace up… And I will continue to line the course to cheer on those doing something that I choose not to do. My love and support of running will never waiver.


2 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Nice post, well said. In 2012 when I took the heat-related deferral in Boston, I walked to the finish line to watch runners come in. So, if it had happened a year earlier it could have been me as one of the spectators. In 2013, I remember the excitement as we all gathered around the finish line area on Saturday night, taking pictures and enjoying the festive atmosphere and the finish area adorned with all of the colorful flags representing the countries of the entrants. All day Sunday as I toured the city, it seemed as though the finish line was the heart of Boston. On Monday, I remember crossing that fantastic looking finish line to the cheers of the awesome spectators within an hour or so of the tragedy. Hard to imagine that some of those innocent people who cheered me on were victims as well. I too, will continue to lace up.

    • I can’t imagine having actually been there when it happened. That finish line is so magical… When I saw it last year for the first time so much went through my mind. But on race day the atmosphere was so much more than I ever could have imagined… I am glad you continue to lace up

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