Weekly Training Report: March 23rd – April 5th

Mar 23 - Apr 5

Monday March 23rd through Tuesday March 31st – Rest

I started to feel a little under the weather but it didn’t feel too bad so I decided to take a few rest days to make sure it didn’t get worse… but then it did and by the end of the week I got kicked out of work and then proceeded to spend a solid 72 hours either in bed or on my couch. I was also forced to take a DNS on Shamrock which was a bummer… I really would like to go a year without taking a DNS but there is always next year…

Wednesday April 1st – 2.52 / 23:55

Even though I was still very congested, I was going stir crazy and just didn’t want to be inside anymore so I finally headed out for a run. I was pleasantly surprised by the run and certainly did not plan to run that fast. The congestion made it difficult and I was far more dehydrated than I would have liked… and coughing did not help but I was just happy to be back out there.

Thursday April 2nd – Rest

It was a gorgeous evening out but I opted for a rest day. But I did manage to get in a decent walk and got some errands out of the way as well. Despite the nice weather, I also knew that I had just taken a solid two weeks off so decided to take it easy… especially since I had a race on Saturday.

Friday April 3rd – Rest

Another rest day… though this decision was more based on weather than anything else. Even though it started out nice in the morning, the temperature dropped drastically in the afternoon and it felt like winter again. It was also very windy so I knew a run in those conditions would not be smart.

Saturday April 4th – ChiTown 10K Race

A part of me wanted to run this for time. But I also knew that there was a good chance my body wouldn’t be up for that challenge. It had been several weeks since doing a longer run and I was STILL congested. So in the end I decided to play it by ear. You can read my full report on the race here.

Sunday April 5th – 2.32 / 21:18

I headed out for a quick, short run but once I started running, I figured out that if I ran 2.30ish miles, I would be able to get to 11 miles for the week. So my intended two mile run turned into 2.30 miles.


Trying to get back into training now that I am over the cold… but I have a 10 mile race looming and the truth is that I will likely need to adjust the running plan/goal for that race…


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