Weekly Training Report: March 9th – 15th

March 9-15

Monday – 5.22 / 50:35

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OUTDOOR RUNNING!!!! I think that sums it up nicely 🙂 Ok fine… I will add some more detail. Definitely had some soreness from the stair climb event… Mostly in my calfs (both), my left hamstring and right quad… gotta love the balance. But I also knew I was likely going to feel a little worse the following day. I started my run with 4 miles in my head for a plan but I was feeling awesome and just beyond excited to be running outdoors again so I decided to run more than 4. I really wanted to run 6 miles… but I ran out of water and those sore muscles from the stair climb event were starting to hate me so I decided to call it around 5 miles. My pace also reflects my happiness for running outside.

Tuesday – 4.02 / 39:03

Oh yea… still very sore from the event. But it’s so much easier to push through mentally when you are running outdoors again. At my half way point, I stopped to take in the view. I run in the same area frequently but don’t always stop to appreciate the beauty that is the Lakefront trail. The lake was frozen over still but I could tell it was starting to melt and everyone was outside enjoying the weather… and I was overdressed for the run (common issue during the transition months of outdoor running) but I was also incredibly happy.

Wednesday – 3.04 / 28:39

Headed out for what I thought was going to be an easy three… but was really surprised when I saw my pace because I didn’t feel like I was running all that hard. Was definitely happy with it though! I also noticed that the LFT was starting to dry out a lot more. Most of the snow was completely gone with the exception of some very large piles but definitely a good sign that spring is around the corner.

Thursday – 2.09 / 19:44

Originally I was going to head to the gym and do the two miles on the track and then strength train. But the more I thought about it, the more I WANTED to run outside. So I told myself I would do the run outside, run to the grocery store for a couple of things and then strength train at home. Two out of three isn’t bad right? Totally bailed on the strength training… and here comes my typical problem when I am “officially” training for a race instead of maintenance running.

Friday – Rest

For some reason I was feeling exhausted. The entire day I battled back and forth with running or not. In the end, I decided to bail and use the spare time to run a few errands instead. It was a gorgeous evening but I also knew that I needed the rest.

Saturday – Rest

A busy busy day where I was all over the city. I did a ton of walking but I had zero time to fit in a run… well… unless I ran first thing in the morning. And I still loathe morning running. So that didn’t happen.

Sunday – 2.71 / 26:50

Sometimes, you just a need a run… and this was one of those days. My Garmin was a little off because when I stopped at my first intersection (I always seem to get stuck there no matter what) and I looked down at my watch it said .04 instead of the usual .12 but this was a run for mental clarity so I didn’t care TOO much… ok… I care a little because it threw everything off but oh well. The weather said that it was 51 with a feels like 46… The weather LIED… I was insanely hot two blocks in and was grateful that I threw on a tank under the long sleeve because I ditched the long sleeve quickly. It wasn’t the best run but it was definitely what I needed.


Managed to finally hit my running goal of 5 days a week for the first time in a while. Pretty happy with my first official week of SF10 training… even if I did skip the strength training… Mostly thrilled that I can get back out on the LFT without freezing my butt off 😀


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