Weekly Training Report: March 2nd – 8th

Mar 2-8

Monday – 4.00 / 39:07

Since I had done a pretty intense workout the Saturday before I was still sore for this run. But despite that, I managed to push my pace for the last mile and finish strong. Knowing that I had the stair climb event on Sunday, I opted to do the strength training early in the week to avoid the residual soreness for the event. Starting to notice some changes in my body with the strength training… even if it is only twice a week.

Tuesday – 4.00 / 39:47

This run was a massive battle. Felt like I had absolutely nothing in me. Kept trying to push the pace a bit but my legs just wouldn’t turn over. I thought it was just soreness but the reality that I was mentally done with indoor running was starting to set in. Had a really awesome strength training session though. So small victories.

Wednesday – 3.00 / 29:53

The plan was 4 miles and I had every intention of sticking to that. But as soon as I started running, I knew I was going to have a massive mental battle. Everything felt off. My last mile was just horrendous and I struggled to just finish the mile out so I knew a 4th mile was out of the question.

 Thursday & Friday – Rest

I really did have every intention to run but two crazy weeks at work and I was just done. I was exhausted and mentally drained. After the horrible run on Wednesday, I knew another bad one would break me. So I bailed on both days of training. Friday I asked the boy if I could crash boys night… and luckily they were ok with that because I really did need a drink or two that night…

Saturday – Rest

Which leads to a Hungover Saturday… I was also getting furniture delivered and with the stair climb even the next day, I never had any intention of running. And a hangover certainly was NOT helping… but the weather did have my itching to head out there. But I didn’t.

Sunday – Fight for Air Climb

My first ever stair climbing event. They have a number of these in Chicago throughout the year but I have never actually gone ahead and done one. You can read my full report here. It was a lot of fun but I was definitely a bit sore so knew I wasn’t going to run AFTER the event.


Not the best week of training but I really needed to bail on those two days. I have a very limited amount of mental energy to devote to indoor running and I was at my max. So when work got really crazy, I threw in the hat and opted for quiet evenings on my couch with a book.


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