Weekly Training Report: February 16th – March 1st

Feb 16 - Mar 1

Yep… Ok… I have been a bad blogger…

Monday (16th) – 5.00 / 48:57

This was a tester run. Since it looks like Chicago will still have plenty of winter left, I decided it might be a good idea to see how I mentally handled running more than 3 miles indoors. All along my concern was that it would be horrendous but since running 3 miles on the track wasn’t as bad as it had been last year, I figured I should give it a go. Much to my surprise it wasn’t horrendous. Not exactly ideal but it didn’t suck and that was what mattered. My last lap for the run was 1:01 (8 laps to a mile) so I was ecstatic to have such an awesome last lap… especially since it had been a while since I had run more than 3 miles.

Tuesday (17th) – 4.00 / 39:21

Well, if 5 miles isn’t so bad then surely 4 miles won’t be so bad either… Logic. It also helped that I knew I would have a short workout week and only be able to run 3 days instead of my usual 5 days. Wanting to keep my mileage above 10… and preferably closer to 15 helped me with the determination to run 4 miles instead of my original planned 3. Got in a really awesome strength training workout but could tell it was time to change up what I was doing for arms, shoulders and back a bit…

Wednesday (18th) – 4.00 / 38:38

For this run, I wanted to push myself a bit. It was my last run and workout for the week so I knew I had to go all out… and of course, after the fact, Chris reminded me that it would also be my last workout of my 20s. For some reason, I didn’t make that connection. I pushed myself during the run but still felt incredible when I was done. I then attacked my strength training workout but also knew that I wanted to change that one up as well… a project for the following week.

Thursday (20th) through Monday (23rd) – Rest

Mommy came into town to help me celebrate turning 30 (the 22nd). There was lots of shopping and eating. There was also a trip to the DMV because my TX license was expiring… 45 minutes (including a written driving test) later, I walked out with a shiny new IL Driver’s License. Never thought it would be that efficient…

Tuesday (24th) – 4.00 / 39:12

First workout of my 30s! Back at it after extended rest. Since I learned the previous week that going above 3 miles didn’t completely suck on the track, I decided I liked the idea of keeping most of my runs for the week at 4 miles. I would then do a shorter run on Friday and throw is some speed work and Saturday I would do an easy 2 or 3… whichever I felt like doing. The run felt good but I could tell I had taken some extra time off and hadn’t been eating all that healthy… and it didn’t help that I leftover pizza for lunch instead of my normal healthy lunch for the week… but it was DELICIOUS! After the run, I did my strength training but changed it up a bit. My changes worked well because I was insanely for the following THREE days.

Wednesday (25th) – 4.00 / 38:54

I wanted to try to push the pace a little bit for the run and get below the 39:00 mark… I made it… but barely. The run felt good and in hindsight, I might have been able to push the pace on the first mile a little more than I did. For leg day, I added in my changes… But wasn’t entirely sure they did the trick. On my walk home, I made a short detour into the new Whole Foods that opened up. It is along my normal walk home route so it wasn’t much of a detour. And if shopping while hungry is dangerous then shopping RIGHT after a workout is just as dangerous… if not more… But the Chocolate Chip Cookie was Yummy!

Thursday (26th) – 4.00 / 39:40

During the day at work, I wasn’t feeling sore in my legs at all and was rather bummed that my changes didn’t seem to work the way I wanted them to… But then I started my run and oh boy. NOW my legs decided to get sore. I kept trying to push the pace but I had ZERO kick and couldn’t turn my legs over more than I already was. Was barely able to keep the pace and mentally prepared myself for a run time of over 40:00… I held on and managed to get below my mark but barely…

Friday (27th) – Rest

Yea, so, that brilliant plan I had for the week… I threw it out the window. It had been a crazy week at work (several 5,000 line Excels with too much information… whittled down to about 100 lines when I was done) and a crazy bus commute. After the commute home, I was just done. Plus my legs were really sore and I knew speed work wouldn’t be pretty… and it doesn’t help that I hate speed work… So I completely bailed and spent the evening on my couch with my TiVo’d TV from the week. But hey, at least I managed a stair session with my work crew.

Saturday (28th) – 4.00 / 38:57

Feeling guilty for bailing on my run the night before, I made sure I made it to the gym. I wanted at least 4 miles but if I was feeling good I would add on a mile. I felt decent but knew I would be calling it at 4 miles. I was pleased with my pace but my legs were tiring faster than I would like. I also decided that since I had the time, I would do a full body strength training session… and hoped it would finally kick some of my remaining soreness out of my arms.

Sunday (1st) – Rest

My normal Sunday routine… Lazy morning on the couch, food prep for the week and TV watching.


Overall it was a good two weeks of training. Not spectacular but still decent.

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