Weekly Training Report: February 2nd-8th

Feb 2-8

Monday – 3.00 / 29:52

After a very relaxing a low-key day on Sunday, I was ready to get back to work at the gym. Walking to and from the gym was likely to be a bit more of a challenge due to all the snow we got… and neighbors that fail to shovel. I went for an easy 3 to start the week off. Didn’t want to push the pace at all and just run comfortable.

Tuesday – 3.00 / 29:47

I wasn’t looking to push the pace much but still wanted to be a little better than the previous day. It wasn’t much but it was enough to make me feel good about the run for the day. I then hit the floor with the weights and decided to challenge myself a little bit by increasing weight on a few of the exercises I was doing. Increasing the weight was good but I definitely had to cut back on the reps for my last set on some of the exercises and I knew I was going to be very sore the next day.

Wednesday – 3.00 / 29:51

Still didn’t want to push the pace at all which was good because this run was just all over the place. Usually my lap splits are consistent but they were all over the place. Way too fast then way too slow. I wasn’t consistent at all and am not sure why. The run didn’t good or bad, I just knew I was off since I couldn’t stay consistent. Hit the weights hard knowing that I wasn’t going to have much time for strength training after running for the rest of the week. Felt good after the workout and knew that I had gotten in some good strength training for the week.

Thursday – 3.00 / 29:53

Work was crazy and I needed a run but also had zero desire to do the run. But I changed as soon as I got home and forced myself to go to the gym. Since I had gotten off work about 30 minutes late, I was getting to the gym at about the time I had been finishing my run the past few weeks. Well, at least I knew I wasn’t going to have much time for strength training… But my original plan to do laundry was also not going to happen. Mentally I just wasn’t in the run and it was a struggle to push through that. I am glad that I made myself go to the gym and run but it wasn’t my best.

Friday – 3.00 / 29:06

I didn’t really have much of a plan going into the run but after the first few laps I noticed that I was going a little faster. Despite that, I was also feeling fantastic so I decided to go with it. Came up with a run plan for the night on the spot and decided that comfortably hard would be a good way to go. I would push the pace slightly but still a little left in the tank. Since I am maintenance running right now, I don’t need to be too concerned with the pace but it doesn’t hurt to run a little harder occasionally. After the run, I felt amazing! And I even managed to use my runners high to fuel my enough to do laundry :-p

Saturday – Rest

I had a few errands to run and after a lazy morning on the couch, I started them. The grocery store is always my main errand for Saturday but I also decided to make a quick run to Target. Chicago was getting a small taste of spring and I was WAY too warm in my winter coat. After my errands, I decided to re-organize one of my running clothes drawers and then headed out back out for one last errand. In the evening, I met up with Courtney to celebrate her Birthday!

Sunday – Rest

It was my usual mildly productive Sunday with a lazy morning on the couch followed by meal prep for the week. I then met up with my best friend for a little impromptu chit chat and some window shopping. All in all it was a good weekend


I am starting to look ahead to SF10 training and have put together a plan. The plan is more aggressive than I have done in the past… But now that my demons are (hopefully) gone for good, the plan should put me in a good place to go for a time goal at SF10.


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