Weekly Training Report: January 26th to February 1st

Jan 26-Feb 1

Monday – 3.00 / 29:35

Headed to the gym after work to get in a run and some strength training. I was pleased with the run overall. The thing I am most pleased with is that doing 3 miles on the indoor track isn’t nearly as mentally difficult as it was last year. Not really sure why that is but I am ok with not analyzing that one. After the run, I did some basic strength training. There is an overall plan in my mind but I am not really tracking what I am doing… Mostly because after multiple attempts to try to track strength training and progress I have yet to come up with a method I like. Even though I am not tracking it, I have a vague idea of where I am and where I am going with the basic stuff I am doing now. Essentially I am old school strength training just to get a little stronger and then I can change it up.

Tuesday – 3.00 / 30:06

This run did not go as well as the previous day. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get my legs to move faster. After the run, I was rather annoyed with my time. Even though I told myself that this is all maintenance running and therefore, I shouldn’t be too concerned with my pace, I am. So I took my frustration out on my legs… which should help me long term with the running.

Wednesday – 2.64 / 26:55

Decided to take the run outside since it wasn’t too cold out and I wanted to get in about 5 miles. But as soon as I started running, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I felt sore from the previous day, which I expected but I was also stiff and the more I ran, the more my hamstrings became unhappy and tightened up. Since I have run on sore legs before, I knew it wasn’t all from the strength training. Cutting the run short seemed like the best idea… and the wind really didn’t help to dissuade me from that decision either. Seeing my run data when I got home really ticked me off. It was just an awful run despite running happy since I was running outdoors. So I analyzed what was going on and decided a little controlled experiment was in order.

Thursday – 3.00 / 29:20

I headed back to the gym to test my theory… running in the cold equals unhappy hammy. The first half mile was a little off… but that is my norm… I need about half a mile to settle into a pace and warm up a bit. After that first half mile though, I felt fantastic! Throughout the entire run, I had happy hamstrings… which was enough evidence to prove my theory. This was the run I had wanted to have on Wednesday. After the run, I decided to do my favorite strength training exercise from the pool I am currently pulling from. This week, I noticed that my second day soreness wasn’t worse than the first day… It might be time to increase reps and/or weight. Since I was doing a hodge podge of strength training, I figured it would be ok to mix upper and lower body stuff.

Friday – 3.00 / 29:44

There were things I wanted to do when I got home from my run. Keeping to my usual gym plan, I am getting home between 7 and 7:45 so after my shower it is 8 or later. Since I had done a both upper and lower body, I decided to head home after the run… which had sort of been my plan the day before and why I was ok with mixing upper and lower body stuff. I felt great during the run and again, had happy hamstrings.

Saturday – Rest

Chicago was slated to get at the very minimum a foot of snow on Sunday so I took advantage of the lack of snow and ran a bunch of errands. My normal Saturday routine is to go to the grocery store and I made sure I did that first. After that I had some time to run a couple other errands and then I decided to head over and look at shoes… which is rather dangerous… especially since I found three pairs that I fell in love with… when all along the goal was to find a pair of basic, black, low heel heels to keep at work. Then I headed home… I was tired… Shoe shopping is tough work :-p

Sunday – Rest

When I woke up in the morning, there was a blanket of white and the snow was falling steady. The forecast had been updated to include a blizzard warning. I wasn’t going anywhere


One kind of “Meh” run, two icky runs and two fantastic runs… I guess I can live with that. At least I ended the week and month on a great run.


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