Weekly Training Report: January 19th – 25th

Jan 19-25

In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted a weekly training report in a couple of weeks, it’s because the two weeks I didn’t post for can be summed very quickly. Ran some races in Disney World and had a HORRENDOUS cold and was down and out for a week.

Monday – 2.00 / 19:47

I was finally feeling much better but I still wasn’t feeling 100%. But at the same time, I was itching to run. I knew that running outside wouldn’t be too smart so I opted to go to the gym and run there instead. Except I forgot the Track team uses the track Monday – Friday from 1-4… so I had roughly 30 minutes to kill. Since I loathe the treadmill, that was not an option and I didn’t want to lift first. Twiddling my thumbs for 30 minutes was not an option either so I decided to row for 25 minutes… and had the blisters to prove it afters… Oooops. Then it was time for my two mile run. Thankfully, I felt pretty good the entire time and only had a few mild coughing fits after the run… which I expected as per my normal getting over a cold (with cough) routine. Lifting was rather difficult with massive blisters on my hands though so I didn’t do what I had originally intended.

Tuesday – 2.00 / 19:58

Back to work and back to the gym again. Since I have no races of distance until the end of the May, I decided to cut back on mileage some. It also gets me out of running in the dark. Back to the indoor track and this run also felt pretty good. Decided that since it was my first week back at working out that I should just run comfortably and not push my pace. I then did some lower body lifting avoiding the machines I used to all the time. Possible that I attempted too much off the bat but it felt good… even if the price would be soreness the following day.

Wednesday – 2.00 / 19:57

Yep… really sore. Forgot how it feels to run the day after leg day. During the first half mile of the run I felt clumsy and like my legs didn’t want to cooperate. My stride definitely felt off but eventually my legs loosened up a bit and I fell into my stride. After the run, I focused on the upper body muscles. It was difficult to do some of the exercises I wanted to do since I still had blisters on my hands… but that was fixed when I did some lat pull downs and the blisters popped.

Thursday – 2.08 / 21:14

I was very tired and wanted to get to bed a little earlier so I decided to skip the gym and just run outside. It felt good to be outside… until I came across a large patch of ice and almost no way to avoid it except go over it. So I slowed down and went for it. There were several other patches of ice and they definitely slowed me down. No worries though since I was just enjoying the run outside.

Friday – Rest

Opted to take a rest day and get one of my errands for the week done. I also managed to get my laundry done… which meant I was able to avoid the errand to go buy new underwear since I was almost out of clean underwear :-p

Saturday – 3.00 / 29:39

It was a gorgeous day… for Chicago in January and I was excited to run in the sun. I laced up and headed out for 5 miles. Except I had an incredibly unhappy hamstring. The entire time it felt like my legs wouldn’t turn over correctly and I had one pesky spot that just would not loosen up. As much as I wanted to push through it, I also didn’t think it would be smart to do so I cut the run short.

Sunday – Rest

Back to my normal Sunday routine… lazy morning on the couch and meal prep for the week. Part of me wanted to do some cleaning and re-oragnzing but knew it would take longer than a day. Instead I decided my kitchen needed a good deep cleaning. So at least I was mildly productive.


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