Race Report: Walt Disney World 10K

3:00 am wake up call… ugh! I am a morning person and this was brutal for me. Luckily we had less wind today so it was chilly but not nearly as cold out. Much more manageable.

We were on the bus by 4 am as per the guideline for getting to the race on time. And again there was a LOT of waiting before we could start. Eric and I finally had the epiphany that maybe we could wait a little longer since our hotel was so close to the start… thus a better game plan for the next two days.

Vijay was, again, our personal gear check which was nice. Eric also decided to forego his A corral placement to wait with me in my C corral… we just wouldn’t run together. There was also a lot less huddling. Vijay text me that he wasn’t able to stand in the spot as the day before so I would need to look for him after crossing the start to toss him my sweater.

With a round of fireworks, we were off and running… but I couldn’t see Vijay. Luckily, he spotted me and shouted out my name. I then saw him and tossed him my sweater… and hit a women smack in the face… oops.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I chuckled about that. It wasn’t intentional but I guess that is the dangers of standing near the start line of a race when it is chilly out.

Eric and I quickly parted and I noticed instantly that this course was drastically different than the previous day. We were lead out of the parking lot and running on a street. I saw that soon we would be running on an on/off ramp.

I originally had a plan of attack for the race but ditched and just sort of went with how I was feeling. As always, I walked hills… and with an on/off ramp so early in the race, I walked rather soon after the start.

Not going to lie… the first half of the race was insanely boring since we were going through highway before we made it into the park. As we got closer and closer to the halfway mark I noticed how badly I had to pee. It was only getting worse and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it for another 5K. I decided to wait until I was at least in the park to use an actual restroom instead of a port-a-pottie

Except… apparently I wasn’t the only one with this idea as there was a bit of a line. I decided to stop my watch to get an idea of my time without the restroom break knowing my official time would reflect higher because it would include the restroom break.

After my little detour I started running again and felt MUCH better… running felt easier again. Amazing what happens when you don’t have to pee :-p

We were running through Epcot again and the first part of the park that we would be running through was the world showcase. This time, since I wasn’t running with Eric, I opted to stop and take some pictures whenever I saw something I liked.

Yea… that running plan I had… total crap shoot at this point.

I was having a ton of fun though and I loved running through Epcot. Soon we were running through the Boardwalk… which I have no recollection of from my prior trips when I was 5 and 9. It was cool to see another part of the park and we had a ton of crowd support too. Although I am sure of these people were staying in hotels and awoken by our running. Since it was still rather early (99% sure it was still before 7 am), I imagine they would have preferred to still be asleep.

As I neared the finish line, I started to notice that my legs were trashed. All the walking from the previous two days and the two days of running were already catching up to me. I briefly realized running a half the next day was going to be painful… especially since we had another park visit after the race.


But no matter…. I was having fun and just enjoying myself. Time was not important to me so I enjoyed everything around me and even tried to give as many high fives as possible. I also stopped for a selfie


After crossing the finish line, I checked my watch. Excluding my restroom break, the race was not a not personal worse for a 10K so I was pleased with that.


I grabbed two bottles of water (I would need to hydrate a LOT throughout the day), a powerade and my snack box and quickly found Eric and Vijay.

We immediately headed to the buses to take us back to the resort and luckily this time, we did not have to wait and were able to get right on the bus.


Two races down and one to go (for me)… I didn’t know then what was in store for me the next morning…


Oh – and my official results for the race

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.08.53 PM


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