Weekly Training Report: December 29th – January 4th

Dec 29 - Jan 4

Monday – 3.38 Miles

Knowing that I had roughly 5ish miles to go until I hit 700 for the year, I decided to do a chunk of it on Monday and get it out of the way. It wasn’t terribly cold but it wasn’t exactly warm either. I briefly considered adding more onto the run and perhaps even running a full 5 but in the end decided against it.

Tuesday – 2.04 Miles

It was a LOT colder outside and I originally wanted to run 3 miles. I only needed 1.56 miles to hit my 700 mile goal. I considered running just enough to hit the goal but also wanted a cushion… just in case… even though my built in formula excel’s are not wrong (unless I enter something in wrong) but still wanted the cushion so I settled on 2 miles. The cold was hardly enjoyable though. In the end, I was thrilled to finish off the year with 700 miles.

Wednesday – Rest

I had always planned for it to be a rest day. Chris met me at my office and then we headed back to my place to eat and watch some Downton Abbey before heading over to my best friend’s for the night. It was a lot of fun and I am glad I got to spend the night with some great friends.

Thursday – NYD 5K Race

Happy New Year and Holy Hell it is COLD!!!! Though it was far better than the previous year. I can deal with cold… its rain/snow extreme wind that I have issues with. You can read my full race report here.

Friday – Rest

In the morning I was all excited to run 5 miles after work considering the weather for the weekend looked horrendous. But the later in the day it got the more I started to feel… off. I felt kind of like I was coming down with a cold and even though I started to dress for my run when I got home, I was too worried that I was getting sick and since I knew I would be traveling the following week, I opted to play it safe. So rest day it was

Saturday – Rest

Oh Hello Winter, There you are…. The weather was beyond atrocious. The temp was just warm enough for rain but was hardly pleasant. I had good intentions of running and even considered going for a run in the rain. But with the cold and the sidewalks covered in a nice slush and a fun trip planned around running coming up, I decided a sprained ankle would not be a good idea. So I cleaned and started putting away my Christmas stuff and packing. I made an awesome dent and was rather productive… even if I didn’t run.

Sunday – Rest

Another insanely icky weather day. I opted to make it a priority to get the rest of my Christmas stuff down and put away. I even managed to get everything put away in my storage unit and then proceeded to do a massive vacuuming job (fake tree needles). This is the first time I have EVER had all of my Christmas stuff put away before the second week of January. Hell… I got it put away before the first FULL week of January. This is beyond rare for me… I usually find it impressive if I can have everything down and put away by February first.


Not exactly the best start to the new year. But hey, I still got a lot done. Looking forward to my trip to Disney this week to run a 5K, 10K and my first Half since December 2011. I am not running any of the races for time but am really looking forward to it and plan to have a lot of fun. Will tell you all about it when I get back!


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