Race Report: NYD 5K 2015

NYD 5K Race

I started off 2015 with a race… and it was VERY COLD!!!!

You may remember that I had signed up to do this race with Chris last year, but we bailed while walking to the race due to the weather… 4/5 inches of snow on the ground and still falling, bitterly cold and insanely windy. This year was a bit of an improvement with no snow.


Despite slightly better conditions this year, I am starting to wonder if this race is bad luck for Chris and I… he has not been cleared to run yet, so I was on my own. But he was a good sport about it and tagged along for moral support… complete with perfect supporting attire of Pink Knee Highs and a Red Pom Pom. He was also my own personal gear check which was good because it was so cold. My winter jacket was definitely needed.

This is a rather no frills race however, it would be great if they would start on time… this is my second time running the race and thus far they are 0-2 for starting on time. Rather annoying considering how cold it was.

While I was waiting for the start, Chris snapped this picture of me… I was rather chilly


When the race finally did start and I crossed the start line, I noticed that my legs felt like solid blocks of ice which made running a little interesting.

I never intended to the run this race for time so I just settled into a comfortable pace. I saw no point in weaving around people but there were plenty that seemed to want to weave around from me. No issues there since my legs were still too cold to move much faster. And my hands were tingly…

Since I have run several races in Lincoln Park, I know the course well. This was a slightly different course from other 5Ks that I have run in the neighborhood though. Nice change of scenery… sorta.

When I saw the two mile clock, I was about fish minutes away from a PR. I thought about it for a brief moment before deciding that I just didn’t care enough to go for it. So I continued on at my comfortable pace. One thing I did really like about this race was that they had TWO water stations… a very rare thing for a 5K. I was feeling ok but decided to take water at the second water station anyway.

Once I got closer to the finish line, I saw Chris and sped up for a little kick at the end. I checked my watch and was pleased. Not a PR by far but I wasn’t trying so I was content with my time. I was beyond thankful to have the winter jacket too since I was chilled in some spots… always an odd sensation when some of you is really hot and sweating and there are other parts that are cold.

We then headed off for food and HOT coffee. All in all, I would say it was a great start to the New Year!

NYD 5K 2015 Results


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