2014 Running Year at an End

I realize that I could technically still run today, but I decided that I was going to take it as a rest day.

When I sat down in October 2013 to analyze what was going on with my running and how to fix it, I realized a lot.

The most important thing I realized is that I WANTED it. After three years of bad running I was done. I wanted my running back.

I used 2010 as my bench mark. Despite it being my first “official” Year of running, I did a lot right that year… only I didn’t know it at the time.

My mileage in 2011, 2012 and 2013 was dismal in comparison. Hell, 2011 and 2012 combined barely hit my mileage from 2010. I knew how I needed to get back on track and I knew that going about it slow and steady would be the best way to go about it.

So that is what I did… Slow and steady. My ultimate goal for the year was to be consistent again and my other goal was to revert back to my 5 days a week of running.

Two very simple and basic goals. But I also, quietly, set another goal… Yearly Mileage.

It had been three years since I had hit 500 miles and I desperately wanted to get back there. But at the same time, my mileage for 2010 had been 646.80 so I made 650 a secondary (and really main) goal. I wanted to beat my “golden” year… because that is what 2010 was… a golden year… but I didn’t want it to be anymore. Instead, I wanted 2014 to be my new golden year. So I set another goal for myself… 700 Miles.

Honestly, it was a rather arbitrary number when I choose it and there really was no rhyme reason other than it being nice and round. But it became my lofty goal.

But then, all of sudden, it wasn’t lofty anymore, it was very much attainable. So I went for it. I knew what I needed to do in the remaining days of December to reach my goal. And I WANTED it.

Yesterday was officially the end of my running for the year. I finished it off with a 2.04 mile run even though I had originally planned for 3 miles. But since it was so cold I decided to cut it back a little bit since going to my gym wasn’t an option for the night. But I only needed 1.56 miles to reach my 700 mile goal.

And with that run, I not only ended the year with the highest mileage ever but I also managed to hit a goal that seemed very lofty to me at the start of the year.

I can honestly say that this year was a HUGE success for my running. I hit goals that I had never intended to even try for this year…. In fact, they were going to be 2015 goals. But I found my magic running recipe. I also found the courage (and the support I had helped) to deal with my running demons. Because of the faith some people had in me, I was finally able to start trusting myself with my running again.

That is my biggest take away from this year, I can trust myself again. I know that I have what it takes to truly get where I want to be. I know that I am stronger runner than I ever have been.

With all of this knowledge, I am prepared to embark on 2015 and a whole new set of goals.

My sincerest wishes for a wonderful and prosperous New Year to you all! I can’t wait to share another year of running with everyone!


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