Weekly Training Report: December 22nd – 28th

Dec 22 - 28

Monday – Rest

It was chilly and raining out. So mom ordered a pizza and we stayed in for the night. But I have started to do stairs with a small group of co-workers. We go to the bottom and then take the stairs up to our floor… We are on the 25th floor and there are 22 stairs between floors (yes, I counted). It’s a fun break in the day and I am really enjoying it.

Tuesday – 3.12 Miles

Christmas Miracle! Weather in the upper 40s… In Chicago… In December!!!! I asked mom if I would be in a lot of trouble if I ran after work… I had to promise only 3ish miles but it was totally worth it! However, I was significantly overdressed for this run. I could have easily have worn Capri’s and just a long sleeve and had been more than warm enough… Oh well. Also did stairs with my crew again… though significantly quicker than the day before.

Wednesday – Rest   

Christmas Eve! I had to work in the morning and then was working from home in the afternoon but luckily there were essentially no emails or phone calls. It was rainy and chilly so I didn’t really have much of a desire to run outside anyway. Since Chris is a sports writer (a single sports writer at that) he usu7ally has to work holidays. But he had Christmas Eve off so I invited him to join my parents and I for Christmas Eve dinner at my favorite restaurant, Calo’s. There was a lot of laughing :-p

Thursday – 5.01 Miles

A Christmas Miracle – Part Two! The sun was shining and it was relatively warm. After opening presents, breakfast and forcing my parents to watch A Christmas Story, I headed out for a run. I had fully expected my Garmin to take a while to locate satellites but was pleasantly surprised when it only took a couple of minutes. I decided to do two loops so I could get in 5 miles. I felt like I was running slow and wasn’t feeling the greatest, which wasn’t too big of a surprise given the amount of junk food I have been eating lately so I expected the run to be over a 10:00 pace. However, when I got home, I discovered, not only that my run was below a 9:30 pace but I also ran the first mile at sub 8:00 pace. I have NEVER run a sub 8:00 Mile… and sure this one was a 7:59 but it sure as hell counts!!!!!

Friday – Rest

Had to work a full day and after work I took full advantage of access to a car and my parents CostCo membership. It was sunny and warm and I really wanted to run in the middle of the day but that whole job thing makes it a little difficult :-p

Saturday – Rest

After breakfast and a couple of quick errands (gotta love access to a car). Mom and I left dad at my place while we headed downtown to do some shopping. There were lots of amazing after Christmas sales and I took full advantage! Sadly the nice warm weather had to come to an end as a cold front moved in.

Sunday – 5.02 Miles

Winter was back in full force but the sun was shining! I headed out for two loops. It was one of those days where no matter the direction you were running it was always into the wind… which made it a tad more chilly. But I felt good throughout the run and loved being in the sunshine.


I knew this week I wouldn’t get in 5 running days with my parents in town but I made the best of the running I was able to do. Beyond thrilled that I got a sub 8:00 mile for the first time ever. Really very please with the running week.


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