A Holiday Letter… Blog Style

What a year it has been. That statement relates to my running as much as my personal life. But since this a (mostly) running blog… lets keep it to topic.

After figuring out what was causing my issues with being nausea at the end of 2013, I jumped into the new year with a plan of attack. I was beyond determined to bring my running back to the levels of 2010. I set out with a modest plan to start off the new year. And after the insane winter we had, my plan ended up being pretty smart. I cut back on mileage and ran at my gym on the indoor track. I would then add in some basic weight-lifting after the run.

By the end of February I was done with indoor running and was desperate to head back outside. It was still bitterly cold but I layered up a ton to deal with it. Despite knowing that I found out was caused me to be nausea, I noticed that I was still scared to do a longer run.

But I forced myself to do the running anyway. Then in the beginning of April, fear came back full force. Added to that was the possibility of an injury… which turned out to be needing new running shoes.

My trip to Boston was definitely one of my running highlights of the year. Obviously, I did not run the marathon but the trip was centered around the Marathon… and all things related. I got to run a 5K while there and it was an incredible race where I got to run across the same finish line of the Boston Marathon. It was truly an amazing experience.

When I got back, life got in the way and I struggled to get back on track. Then it was only a couple of weeks out before my first goal race of the year. I decided to just say hell with it for the rest of the training cycle. I had a simple goal and I was still pretty confident I would nail it. At least, that was until I had major GI Issues on race day which caused me to walk most of the 9th mile and thus missing my goal but a little bit.

Started off the summer with two plans that sort of lined up. Since I am not a fan of running in the heat, I had decided that this summer I would try cutting back on mileage and just focus on running at least 5 days a week. I also decided to give the summer run streak a try. I succeeded and started to notice that I was getting faster as well… at least until I got a cold. Clearly my body likes rest days.

At the end of July I was laid off from my job and I was devastated. I threw myself into running because I felt like that was all I had left. Not only did I change my nutrition and it seemed to be working well for me, but I had the free time to deal with my running demons.

Three years of running issues and being terrified of running long all came down to one run… an 8 miler. I was beyond freaking out but a call from someone calmed me down as did knowing that this person had more faith in me than I did myself. The endless support while I fought the demons throughout the training cycle was a huge help.

Over the course of 8 miles, I fought hard. I knew I was physically capable but I had failed so many times before. But this time, I didn’t fail. When I looked down at my watch and saw that I was at 8 miles, I stopped and cried. I had finally done it… three years of issues and most of this year battling and I finally did it!

The best thing about that run was that I was no longer afraid. I did a 10.47 mile run the following week without fear and without even the hint of a freak out.

Throughout dealing with my running demons, I was PRing all the 5Ks I was running. I was nailing goals that I had been missing for years without even really trying. But I still set a time goal for myself for my favorite 5K. I was running with a friend and I wanted it…. I also nailed that one!

I was offered and accepted a new job but still had a trip to NYC and another goal race.

Finally got to cross something off my “to run” list… running through NYC and Central Park. The entire trip was a blast even if I did get little to no sleep.

I lined up for my goal 10 mile race knowing I had made foolish choices the week prior in NYC. I had also set a massive goal for myself. I knew it was within reach but I also knew I was going to have to work for it. The race did not go the way I wanted it to but I still got a nearly 14 minute PR so even though I missed my goal, I still had a successful race.

The rest of the year has been just maintenance running… And attempting to help Chris change his diet and his running with the hopeful end goal of a BQ

There were lots of highs and lows to the year. But despite the lows, I look back on my year of running and it was incredible. Not only did I have incredible support but I also got to run with some pretty incredible people this year. In training and in races, I have been surrounded by people that I am honored to have in my life.

Running is known as a solitude sport but being able to share the highs and lows of training and races with other people is part of the reason why I love running so much. Well… that and runner’s high…

I am not sure what to expect from 2015 but I have rough idea in my head. But I do know one thing for sure, it will be another incredible year with incredible people in my life. With another year of running coming to a close, I am excited for the next year of running.

HUGE Thank you to everyone (and there was more than one person) that was there for me while I fought my running demons, your support and faith in myself was what I truly needed. Not only did I face the demons and win, but I also gained something that I have not had in years – Trust & Faith in myself and my running abilities. It is with this faith that I am enter into the new year with goals that I wouldn’t have considered a year ago.


4 thoughts on “A Holiday Letter… Blog Style

  1. Great recap of your year and I’m happy you are definitely on the right track and making excellent progress. I am excited to see what awesome things your 2015 running year has in store for you!

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