November in Review

November 2014

Yea… I have been stellar at this balancing a new job and this running thing and blogging thing. But the holidays are crazy… I will find a routine eventually….

November wasn’t quite the month I had originally planned. Especially since poor choices in NYC led to no running pretty much the entire first week of November. I decided to ease back into the running while working thing by cutting back mileage a little bit just to get a feel for the schedule.

Conclusion – I HATE running in the dark!!!! Like really really hate it!!!

I quickly discovered that running on weekends might be the best option for me since I would be able to run without being in the dark. Despite my extreme dislike for running in the dark, there really is little option at this time of year. So I took a grin and bear it kind of approach.

Noticed that I started to slow a bit but also figured out that I really need better running tights. The few times I have run in slightly warmer temps my old pace has returned so I know I still have it in me I just don’t do well in the extreme cold.

I managed to get in three races and PR’d two of them… though neither was the time I wanted. Slightly bummed about that but I really shouldn’t be too upset about a nearly 14 minute PR in a 10 mile race. And the 8K was just NOT my running day.

Nov Short 2014

Despite a not so stellar start to the month, I still had quite a bit of success. I will admit to being annoyed that my pace was slowing but since I did have a few runs where the old pace returned, I think I can safely assume the cold is messing with my body a bit. Apparently I don’t run as well in either extreme… hot or cold

Managed to stick with some of the longer runs though I wasn’t really running with much of a plan and just kind of going with whatever I felt like doing. Not the best idea but also what I could manage while re-entering the working world. I learned quickly that I needed to not worry about my mileage so much and just kind of go with it.

Also did most of my longer runs with Chris… We started a new project to try to get him to a BQ. This began with nutrition… which is a HUGE work in progress and has often lead to stupid arguments (on his part) that make me want to smack him. Essentially he starts everything off as an argument, which he argues (ha… yes… word choice) is due to his Italian roots. I just think he hates being wrong :-p

And for the record, he has mentioned these arguments on his blog and is fully aware of my desire to smack him after these arguments.

Nov YtY 2014

Despite the lackluster start to the month, I still managed to have the highest ever November mileage… by a LOT. But it was a significant drop from October.

Nov Average 2014

I am, however, pleased that my average stayed above 4 miles for the month and my pace stayed below 10:00. So definitely a small victory there.

Overall, I am pleased with the month even if there were a few hiccups.


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