I went into the 2014 running season with one very basic goal… to get and maintain a solid running base. The main idea behind this was to be consistent with running again and this would then set me up to be in a good position to work on my race times for 2015.

But then I magically got faster and so did my race times. I PR’d a LOT this year. It was all quite unexpected.

Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED. But at the same time it now leaves me wondering what to do for 2015.

I have always believed that sometimes to reach an end goal; you need to put in a lot of basic work to get there. Slow and steady progress has been the name of my game. It is why I put together a plan that covered a year for a running base. It is also why I generally put together a longer training plan when I focus on a single goal race.

There is another reason for this, of course. I like having a little bit of leeway in my plans. Occasionally stuff happens and you aren’t able to train as much as you want. If you have a plan with no wiggle room, and you skip several workouts (though perfectly normal) it can sometimes be difficult to get back on track.

Essentially I build myself a safety net.

This may or may not work for other people. But it does work for me so I am sticking with it.

But there is now this sticky point about goals for 2015…

I do still have time goals in mind but not as many as I originally envisioned having. So I am starting to explore other goal options to set for myself. I think I have a plan of attack but I am not entirely sure yet.

Last year by this time I had my entire 2014 plan roughly mapped out. I knew what I wanted to do and when. I had my goals races picked out and I knew what I race time goals I wanted to set for myself.

But as the old adage goes, life is what happens when you are making plans. It was an unexpected year (in more ways than one) and I accomplished a lot. The best surprise I got was facing my running demons and killing them.

I have a new outlook on running and perhaps I should use my new running confidence to set my goals for 2015. Hopefully I figure this all out before January 1st 😛

In case I don’t, I will more than likely stick with my original January plan. Go to Disney and just have fun!

2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I deleted the 2014 goals heading from my blog last night, because I didn’t accomplish anything I set out to do. Plans definitely change! Next year, my goal is to not be afraid to change goals as life changes me.

    • That’s a really good goal! I usually set one basic goal but then lots of smaller goals. The baisc goal is something I work on all year whereas the smaller ones are more short term

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