Weekly Training Report: December 1st – 7th

Dec 1-7

Monday – 5.04 Miles

I knew going into this week that I would be lucky to get 20 miles for the week. There are only so many hours during the day. And I swear during the holidays there are even less hours in a day. The plan was 5 miles a day to at least hit 20 for the week. Since I cannot run my normal 5 mile course I have been attempting to find new ones that I can use. Opted for the two loops around the park and zoo for this run. Heading north through the zoo parking lot was brutal though. And I am starting to accept the fact that I am going to be slower when its cold out…

Tuesday – Rest

Yea, so I found out that my weekend plans were canceled. This means the ability on two days when I originally wasn’t able to. I got off work later than planned and was just tired and wanted to get some other stuff done and still go to bed at a decent hour so I bailed on the run.

Wednesday – Rest

Work Holiday party. We went from the office to the party location and alcohol was involved. I knew I wasn’t running. My original plan was to be home by 9/9:30… yea… totally didn’t happen. I got home around 10:15 instead.

Thursday – 4.06 Miles

The plan was 5 miles but I was exhausted from lack of sleep. I also had a slight hangover for a portion of the day. I knew when I started running that I wasn’t going to do 5 but I still wanted to get in at least 4. Decided it was a good opportunity to play around with a new course too. So after my loop around the park and zoo I took the Fullerton underpass to run on the inner path and by the CARA water fountain. This area is MUCH more well lit than most of the other areas in my neighborhood and seems to be were all the runners go at night. Plus there is a water fountain! I wasn’t going to worry about pace at all so I purposely held back on the first mile to be slower. The splits were really even and were really only different by a few seconds.

Friday – 5.06 Miles

On the way home, I saw that zoo lights were on… which means I really shouldn’t do two loops around the park and zoo. Alright then, I will find a new 5 mile route. While running south to start my loop, I knew my decision to only do one loop around the park/zoo was smart because there were so many people… and none of them seemed to thing a person running towards them was a good enough reason to share the sidewalk…. I played around on the inner path north of Fullerton. Did see one guy wearing itty bitty little shorts (and I do mean itty bitty) and a hat and nothing else. It was warmer out but it was not THAT warm. Holy Moly! I miscalculated a bit and ended up having to add on a bit by running an extra block towards the end of the run… oops. But I felt pretty good for the run.

Saturday – Rest

I woke up and the last thing I wanted to do was run. Honestly, I was just feeling a tad run down. Plus there was this little issue of not having started my Christmas shopping yet. I contemplated the best way to go about grocery shopping, Christmas shopping and getting in the run but the truth was. I just didn’t want to run. Since my original plans for the weekend were canceled and they were supposed to be my Happy New Job present to myself, I decided a new cell phone was a nice second place prize. The phone upgrade took longer than expected and by the time that was done I was starving a run was no longer much of an option.

Sunday – 8.10 Miles

Ok, I felt a tad guilty for skipping the run on Saturday. I knew if I ran at least 6 miles, I would be at 20 for the week. Therefore 6 miles was the bare min I could run. But I don’t really have a good course/loop for 6 miles. Then I decided I would shoot for 7 miles. However, there was this huge part of me that wanted to run 8 miles. It had been nearly two months since I did a training run over 5 miles by myself. Although I have loved the runs with my friends, I was also a tad worried that part of the reason I wasn’t freaking out over those runs was because I wasn’t doing them alone. Since 8 miles was the number that always gave me issues, I felt like it would be a good test. Even though I was saying out loud I was running 6, I had mentally settled on 8. But I gave myself an out… if I wasn’t feeling good at my water fountain stop for 7 miles then I would call it. When I reached that moment I was still feeling decent. The truth was, running 8 miles was too important to me to stop. I needed to prove to myself that the demons truly were gone. And I needed to do that by myself. So off I went to add on some distance to make it to 8 by the time I got home. It was an amazing run and no demons!


The week wasn’t the week I had planned but at least I managed to be above 20 miles for the week. So really not bad. I still feel a tad guilty for bailing on my Saturday run but I got a lot of stuff done that I needed to do. The truth is, I needed to do that long run too. I was starting to worry that the demons would be there if I headed out on my own. Everything worked out for the week. Mostly right now, I am trying to keep my weeks at 20 miles or more. I definitely need to start thinking about some goals for 2015….


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