Weekly Training Report: November 24th – 30th

Nov 24th - 30th

Monday – Rest

After a nice warm weekend in Chicago, the temps dropped. Cold temps combined with insane wind made me less than thrilled to run outside. I also had some more errands to run that I didn’t get to over the weekend. Since Target was not a place I wanted to walk into the day before Thanksgiving, I opted to do it on Monday. I also still had some Christmas decorations to get up. So I didn’t run but I was pretty productive otherwise.

Tuesday – 5.25 Miles

It was still chilly out but there was little to no wind. I knew a longer run wasn’t in the cards for the week so I wanted to make sure I could still hit at least 20 miles for the week. That means I am back to 5 miles a day. Since I am really not a fan of the LFT in the dark, I decided to try out a new course for my 5 miles. I wasn’t positive of the distance but figured it would be really close. Instead of heading to the LFT, I ran south along the park then headed north along the zoo parking lot and then do the entire loop again. It was a decent loop but I figured out towards the end of the second loop that I might need to tack on a little extra so I decided to take the Fullerton underpass and run a tad north along the inner trail before heading back home. Guess I miscalculated a bit because I was well over 5 miles by the time I go back home. Oh well… the little extra wouldn’t hurt.

Wednesday – Rest

There were big plans for the evening. Packet pick-up, getting my little tree decorated and getting the lights on my main tree. I also, of course, had to have pizza for dinner. Since the race was in the morning, I didn’t really want to run 5 miles and then race about 12 hours later, so I took it as a rest day. Since I got everything done that I planned to get done, I consider the day a success.

Thursday – LP Turkey Trot 8K Race

This race was never meant to be a goal race. Instead it was more of training run that just happened to be a race. But I still wanted to give it my all. But, the race didn’t go that well for me. You can read my full recap here.

Friday – 5.17 Miles

I may not work retail… but the markets are open the day after Thanksgiving which means I have to work. I asked my boss if I could run right when I got home instead of waiting until “the end” of the day. I got the ok and was thrilled. See the thing about the day after Thanksgiving is that Zoo Lights starts. I LOVE Zoo Lights and make a point of going at least once a year but it means my neighborhood becomes a… well… a zoo. So running in the evening wasn’t really a viable choice. I got home and changed right away. Threw the work cell phone in a plastic bag to run with (I was still technically on call) and headed out to the LFT. I was a little overdressed but I was feeling great. I stopped about once a mile to check the phone to make sure I had not missed any calls (no calls at all) and for some water. This was one of those perfect runs. I felt fantastic and was just insanely happy. When I got home I was a tad irked that I had run farther than the race and had also run about 4 minutes faster…. Oh well. I have a goal for an 8K next year and I really didn’t want to ruin the incredible feeling I had.

Saturday – 5.03 Miles

All of my Christmas decorations were up… except for the ornaments on my tree. But I had Chris and Michael to help with that in the evening. Chris and I planned to run together and then he was going to run some errands with me… and allow me to use him as a chauffeur if we didn’t have enough time to walk the errands. I had checked the weather before putting on my running gear but it ended up being a LOT warmer. I was beyond overdressed and wind wasn’t helping to cool me off… for a change. I felt great the entire run. After, we had time to kill and since it was so warm out, we walked to the grocery store and walked back. Chris wasn’t exactly loving this as he joked at Whole Foods, “5 miles on the LFT and I am fine but 30 minutes at Whole Foods almost kills me.” I may be a tad more used to this type of errand running. We still had time to kill when we were done so decided to go to Zoo Lights!!!! When Michael got there we broke open the Candy Cane Vodka and decorated the tree. After we were done, we continued drinking and chatting and eventually I made a pizza since we were all feeling the alcohol… It was a fun day/night with friends ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday – 2.07 Miles

Ugh… Candy Cane Vodka is dangerous…. I woke up with a massive hangover. It was something that I sort of knew would happen so I also sort of planned for it. But that didn’t change my not enjoying the feeling. I wanted to run at least 2 miles to finish out the week but several times I considered just bailing. Somehow I convinced myself to go for a run. I was beyond miserable though. My pace reflected that on the run too. Candy Cane Vodka is yummy but does not make for good running….


Overall it was a pretty good week of training. It wasn’t perfect but I managed to do what I set out for myself for the week.

This week will be another busy one and I will be lucky if I can get in the 5th running day for the week. I will try but I really doubt it will happen.

I am starting to remember why I usually cut back on mileage during the holidays….


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