Race Report: Turkey Trot 8K


When I found out I got the new job… and that I would be starting a mere two and a half weeks before Thanksgiving, I knew my plans for the holidays were going to change. I was originally supposed to go to TX to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But then life happened and the new plan meant I was on my own for Thanksgiving and the parents would make a rare appearance in Chicago for Christmas.

I got several invitations for Thanksgiving but in the end, I was feeling exhausted and really just wanted to watch TV on my couch alone. I know that sounds awful but really… It was what I wanted.

However, I would still need to run so I figured why not sign up for a race. A race two blocks from my place and offering an 8K… even better.

Courtney was running too but we weren’t going to run together. We also decided not to do gear check since the race was so close to home for both us. This meant heading home to get out of the cold as soon as the race was done and not meeting up too much before the race started.

One thing I like about this race is that you get to run on Lake Shore Drive. The shut down a couple of the lanes for the runners which is different from most races in the neighborhood.

I had a time goal in mind which I thought wouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. Either way, I knew I was likely to PR without too much effort. I wanted to finish the race around 50 minutes but knew anything under 53 minutes would be a PR.

I lined up at the beginning of the 9:00 pace group. The race did a staggered start to keep the course from getting over-crowded. Smart idea but it was cold and I didn’t really want to stand around waiting to run. But eventually I was off…

And I started WAY too fast so I reined it in. We took the entrance ramp to north Lake Shore Drive (LSD) from Fullerton and headed north. It was cold but the sun was out which I was excited about. I was also happy that the wind didn’t seem to be too bad.

I knew after half a mile that this race was going to be a battle. My body didn’t seem too keen on running but I was hanging in there. One bad thing about running on LSD is that it is a little more hilly than the LFT. By two miles in the hilly course was starting to take its toll on me. I was also desperate for water but our first water station wasn’t until after the half way point. I get that it was cold out but water would have been nice before the half way point…

When I hit one of the hills near Montrose, I had to walk up it. My body was fighting me and I was losing the battle to hang on. I figured if I walked the hill, I would be a little better off.

I finally got my water and felt a little better but the feeling didn’t last too long. The second and final water station was about a mile later. I walked much longer than I normally would through a water station. I was struggling and I it wasn’t getting better. I no longer cared about my time and knew that my original time goal was gone already.

This just wasn’t my day. With about a mile left, I wanted to run the rest of it but had to take another short walk break. I had no idea where I was time wise but I wasn’t even sure I was still going to PR.

When I finally saw the finish line I struggled to hang on and not walk but somehow managed to pull it off. I tried to kick at the end but had nothing left and just couldn’t do it.

I looked at my watch and saw that I missed my 50:00 time goal but I DID still PR with 52:13… A PR by over a minute… I really can’t complain. But I was also angry with myself for missing my main goal. But I also don’t think I could have done any better.

Turkey Trot 8K Results 2014

After the race, I got my bottle of water and walked home. I was quite chilly on the walk home but couldn’t seem to force myself to walk any faster and running was NOT going happen. I took a nice hot shower and then snuggled on my couch with coffee to watch the end of the Macy’s Parade before turning on the Lions/Bears game. I managed to get laundry done before watching movies for the rest of the day. My race didn’t go the way I wanted it to but the day was exactly what i wanted.

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Race Report: Turkey Trot 8K

  1. Congrats on the huge PR despite the hills! I remember riding my bike on LSD during “Bike The Drive” and remarking how hilly it seemed. I guess it’s all of those bridges.

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