Weekly Training Report: November 17th – 23rd

Nov 17-23

Monday & Tuesday – Rest

The temperature dropped drastically in the city and with wind chills in the single digits, I opted to take the two days for rest. It looked like the weather would be better later in the week so I figured it would be a good idea. I also thought it would be easier to take my rest days during the work week while I try to adjust to the new schedule. So this was a little testing of that theory.

Wednesday – 4.05 Miles

This run was BRUTALLY cold. Our wind chill was nice and toasty in the teens (note extreme sarcasm). I played around with some layering but it didn’t work quite as well as I wanted. It was an evening for the LFT since I didn’t want to play around with guessing mileage. So I did my normal out and back 4 mile LFT course. Except, I am really not enjoying the LFT in the dark especially since I don’t always see other females. But mostly, I just felt pretty miserable on this run because I was so cold.

Thursday – 4.06 Miles

Me and layers are becoming good friends. The problem is, no matter what I wear on the bottom my butt and thighs are always freezing. I can be completely hot and sweating on top but the butt and thighs feel like ice cubes. Not exactly a fun experience. Decided that I just didn’t have the mental capacity for the LFT trail either so I opted to run in the zoo parking lot. I figured it would help block the wind a little and I was correct, it did… except for one section. Towards the end of the run, I started to notice that my stride was a little off and wondered if it was due to the cold or my layering.

Friday – 4.08 Miles

This run was brutal. From the very start of the run, I knew my body did not want to do the run. I was going to do the zoo parking lot again but then decided I needed to switch it up so I did three hill loops. The whole thing was a struggle though. More than anything I wanted to bail but I also really wanted 4 miles for the day. I decided maybe I needed to get to the inner trail to finish off the run and then mentally I would be better off. But that didn’t help either. I really have no idea how I managed to finish the run and get to 4 miles but I did.

Saturday – 7.02 Miles

Chris joined me for another run on the LFT. It was significantly warmer and I was really excited about that. But it was also really damp out. I had no idea what to wear. In the end, I opted for a pair of tights, a pair of Capri’s over the tights, a long sleeve, a wind breaker, a hat and gloves. I was WAY over-dressed. I was concerned that if it started to rain I would be cold. Of course, it never rained. After the first lap I was dying and over-heating big time. This run had disaster written all over it. After the second lap, I kinda wanted to bail. I could tell Chris was hurting and not fairing all that well but he insisted we continue. So off we went for our third and final lap. About half way through the last lap he started walking, I tried to stay with him but he kept yelling at me to go on and he would meet me at the water fountain. Well then. We finished the run and I felt surprisingly good after. Chris felt less than stellar. I then had several errands to run… This was a major flaw in my plan… I was exhausted.

Sunday – 2.00 Miles

Rain was in the forecast but it looked like it would hold off until later in the day. I wanted to get my meal prep for the week done first and then I would go for a run. It was a good idea in theory… But by the time I was done with the meal prep, it was raining. I had an errand to run so I figured I would use it as an excuse to see how the weather was. Here is where the huge debate started. It wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t raining too hard. Running in the rain wasn’t too appealing but neither was running inside at the gym. Plus the trek to the gym would add at least 30 minutes of time to the whole process of running. If I just ran outside then it would be roughly 20 minutes of time. So run in the rain, it was. It wasn’t too bad either. I considered adding on another mile but really just wanted to get home and relax a bit instead.


It was a decent week… despite the extreme cold and the wind chills. Definitely need to figure out a better layering system too. Part of me thinks a cold butt and thighs will just be something I have to deal with in the winter months. There is also a small part of me that has been contemplating taking the running indoors to my gym’s track but doing more than 2 or 3 miles on a track sounds as brutal as running in the cold… Guess we shall see….

2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: November 17th – 23rd

  1. Yes, it is surprisingly cold for this time of year! I try to run outdoors as long as possible. I only treadmill it when the path I run on is too snow covered. If the sidewalks are covered I break out my cross-country skis! 🙂

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