October in Review

Oct 2014

Well… better late than never…

It was an incredible month with a ton of great training. I had assistance with the training and it was a huge help. The biggest improvement though was getting over my running fear. I had a lot of goals for the month and mostly nailed all of them. For the first time ever, I officially completed a training plan that I set for myself to train for a race. After that, I cut back on the weekly mileage a tad, took out the longer run and upped my daily run to 5 miles a day… something I have not done in years and it felt AMAZING

Oct 2014 Snapshot

I ran 22 days over the course of the month and I am really happy with that number. I also managed one race… in which I got a massive PR. I got SO close to hitting 100 miles for the month but fell just a tad short when my left knee decided to go wonky due to my calf muscle being too tight. Rest and two days of stretching and lots of rolling out solved the issue. But I was rather irked to get SOOOO close only to miss it. If I had just one more run day, I would have nailed it. But since the following week I had a huge goal race, I opted for the play it safe route.

Even though the month ended on a bit of disappointment, I am still really happy with how the month went.

Oct Yr to Yr 2014

Besides, can you really be angry when you hit the highest October mileage ever as well as your highest monthly mileage lifetime? No, not really. But missing 100 miles by less than 4 miles does bother me… Then again, it gives me something to work towards in the future too…

Oct Avg 2014

Averages wise, I stayed above 4 miles and my pace was around 9:30 which I am really happy with. A year ago when I was at the height of my running issues and very fed up, I never dreamed I would have a month like this. I finally found a nutrition plan that works well for me and I think that is a huge part of why my running went so well.

Yes, I am still a tad irked that I missed 100 miles. But I also knew that I shouldn’t push the wonky knee. Mostly, I am just glad I figured out what the issue was quickly and it went away quickly as well. Minor set back but it wasn’t a huge issue either.

I also really enjoyed my 5 mile trail run as well as my two trips to Cross-Fit. Hope to do both again in the future.


2 thoughts on “October in Review

  1. Congrats on your highest October mileage ever as well as your monthly PDR. Better to have run 4 miles less than 4 miles more and gotten injured. Congrats again!

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