Weekly Training Report: November 10th – 16th

Nov 10-16

Monday – 3.05 Miles

It was my first day at my new job! I already went into the week understanding that I would not be working the hours I was hired to work because I needed lots of training. I was also trying to figure out the nutrition… I wanted to keep what I had going while unemployed. Essentially I went into the week knowing it was going to be an adjustment. Unfortunately, I WAY Overdressed for the run. It was warm and insanely windy and I thought the wind would be colder than it actually was. I also didn’t drink enough water throughout the day so that didn’t help. With the water fountains now off, I knew I would have to run with water. Running when you have a lot of variables changing right off the bat… not ideal. Still coming off of a week of being really busy and not sleeping out of anticipation… Let’s just say I had a lot working against me. This run was not the greatest….

Tuesday – 3.08 Miles

Hello Temperature Drop!!! It got rather cold… and it was only going to get worse. I didn’t need the full winter running gear get-up for this one… but pretty darn close. Running in the dark is not my favorite. I can do it but don’t really enjoy it. Especially when I think the LFT could be better lit… but that is a whole other ball of wax. I was happy that I was at least a tad bit faster than the day before. But noticing my slower pace on these three mile runs when my previous 5 mile run pace was faster was starting to bother me. And the fact that my pace during a daily run used to not even cross my mind and now it was also bothered me. Without a doubt, my body is adjusting to a lot of new stuff at the moment… and it was starting to wear on me.

Wednesday – 3.03 Miles 

Yep… even colder than the day before… Winter running in Chicago… Moments of disdain. I needed the full winter running gear get-up for the run. While out on the LFT, I noticed that I was the only female… which I found a tad unnerving. It was also rather windy which didn’t help with my enjoying this run. But I was glad to see that I was faster than the day before but it was still a lot slower. I know I am adjusting but I am annoyed…

Thursday – 3.05 Miles

Significantly less wind and female spotting on the LFT… so perhaps there was some female event on Wednesday that I was just unaware of. During this run I could tell that the nutrition for the week was way off. I really just did not want to purchase a lunch at all for the week so I sort of winged it. But it didn’t work out very well. During the run, I thought about how to fix it and I came up with a good plan.

Friday – Rest

Several weeks ago, I had made plans with Michael to watch hockey together. I also needed to make a quick trip to Target. Except getting off work closer to normal people hours instead of my nice 3:30 in the afternoon meant this wasn’t as quick of an errand as I had anticipated… and the buses were packed and stuck in rush hour. I also somehow totally messed up the start time of the game… Despite messing up the start time and mis-calculating how long it would take me to run my errand, I still managed to make it there in time to see the puck drop. The person who states that females are always late has never met me :-p I never intended to stay out late but ended up getting home at 1:15 in the morning… ooops. But it was a fun night!

Saturday – Rest

The plan was to do my longer run and I sort of decided to do 6 miles for the week. After two weeks of a random taper, I didn’t want to jump back into 20+ mile weeks right away. Plus the daily run was only 3 miles so I just decided this was a good place to start. For some reason, I just did NOT want to do this run. Waking up early exhausted on Saturday did not help either. But I was being insanely productive… so I figured I would do the run on Sunday and stick with my productive streak. I had been texting with Chris and found out he wanted to do about the same mileage as me so asked if he wanted to join me. I should add there is an attempt to transition him to running outside instead of on a treadmill… There are several other attempts going on with him but this was an easy one for me to cover. He agreed to do the run with me and we ironed out some plans to accomplish it. So I went on my merry productive way.

Sunday – 6.13 Miles

I was wide awake at 6:15… Seriously?!?! Being a morning person is both a blessing and a curse. I had my morning coffee and made breakfast and then jumped into my food prep for the week. I wanted to get it out of the way so I wouldn’t have to worry about it after the run. When Chris got to my place, I was just about done. So we layered up and headed out. Now, the thing to know about Chris is that he is HIGHLY competitive and he likes to bolt out of the gate. Overall, I am a pretty good pacer… This is not Chris’ strong suit. I was not going to lecture him, instead I was going to observe and let him sort of figure it out. The first mile was a tad fast… and though I think part of that was my attempt to keep up with him and the other part was the constant start/stop (the entire first half mile is full of intersections where you usually have to wait for the light to change). But after that we settling into a good steady pace. I opted to do my loop since it was snowing off and on and I wanted an out in case the weather turned. I also wanted to test myself on the water intake and see how I would fare going over two miles before water (I was well hydrated to start). I don’t talk when I run… mostly because I rarely run with people but also because it slows me down and I wanted at least a sub 10 pace for the run (My conversational pace is just over 10). However, Chris’ pocket DID talk… the running app on my phone drove me bonkers!!! There is a reason I turn off notifications on any running gadget… I don’t want them WHILE running…. with the rare race exception. He kept trying to push the pace and though I let him get a little ahead of me, if he started to get too far ahead I would tell him to slow down. The mile splits for the rest of the run were consistent…. Most importantly… I never attempted to shut up Chris’ pocket :-p


There is a LOT of adjusting but overall it was pretty good. I know I will eventually get into a routine but the adjustment period has been a little rough thus far. This is when I need to just force myself to get out there and do it.

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