Weekly Training Report: October 27th – November 9th

Oct 27 - Nov 9

Doing something a little different for today – Two weeks in one post

October 27th – Monday – 4.03 Miles

I originally wanted to do 5 miles but when I headed out for the run my body just wasn’t having it. Knowing that I was traveling on Friday and wouldn’t be able to run on Sunday either, I couldn’t bail on the run completely. Even though I considered trying to hang on for 5 miles several times, I just knew it wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I settled for 4 miles.

October 28th – Tuesday – 5.05 Miles

It was a much better running day. I felt more like myself and knew I wouldn’t have any issues getting in my 5 miles. The run was awesome and I felt fantastic. Less than two weeks out from my big goal race and I felt more than ready. I was feeling more ready than I ever have for a 10 miler.  Just needed to get through the rest of the running for the week and then cut back a bit the following week.

October 29th – Wednesday – 3.20 Miles

And this where it all went to hell. I woke up and my knee felt wonky. It didn’t hurt exactly but it felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t really figure out what was going but was definitely worried. Things started to feel better after I did some major stretching and icing and moved around a bit. I contemplated bailing on the run completely or heading out, knowing that I might have to bail part of the way in. The plan was to do 5 miles but I was fully prepared to bail if I needed to. About a mile in, I started to feel the knee. I knew I could keep going because there wasn’t really any pain but being so close to a goal race, I decided to be smart and bailed instead. I definitely noticed stopping and starting made things worse. When I got home I iced, stretched and rolled and felt better. I was hoping things would go back to normal the following day.

October 30th – Thursday – Rest

Yea… things weren’t feeling back to normal. Better but definitely normal. I kept up with the stretching and rolling and the knee was definitely getting better but I didn’t want to risk it. I knew I was traveling the next day, had a race on Saturday and knew the amount of walking I would be doing in NYC. As much as I hated to do it, I knew the rest day was the right decision.

October 31st – Friday – Rest

It was a travel day. I was up long before the sun to head to NYC. And of course today the knee decides to feel normal. Go figure. I contemplated fitting in a run when I got to NYC but I was also exhausted and didn’t have too much time to spare after packet pickup with Chris and Eric and meeting up with a good friend of mine for dinner. Me and vacationing and running don’t seem to happen…

November 1st – Saturday – 5K Race

One thing that I have wanted to do for a long time but have never gotten a chance to do is run in NYC and more specifically, to run in Central Park. Finding a race that allowed me to run through the streets of NYC and in Central Park was perfect. You can read my full report on the race here. Even though the rain sucked, I am still glad I did the race.

November 2nd – Sunday – Rest

Marathon Sunday in NYC! I had always planned to find a spot on 1st and just spectate from there before meeting the boys near Central Park after they finished the race. Erica, was kind enough to give me a heads up on the best spot on 1st to watch from. Eric was up bright and early and I knew there was little chance I would fall back asleep for a long time. I slept for about an hour before I was wide awake. I still have a ton of time to kill but I decided to walk up to my spectating spot at 95th and 1st from our hotel at Park and 29th. Yes, it is a LONG walk… Several miles. But I also had a ton of time to kill. I took my time and even meandered over to 6th and Bryant Park to wander around. I made it to my spot about 15 minutes before Erica went flying by me. About 25 minutes later, I saw Chris and he was clearly struggling. He also didn’t see me… I hopped onto the course to see if he was ok and once he told me he was, I jumped back into my spot. Based on the runner tracking, I knew Eric was supposed to finish at about the same time as Chris even though he was in a later wave. Another 20ish minutes or so later, I saw Eric and he was looking strong. I called out to him and once I knew he saw, I took off. I had to make it to the west side and I knew cutting through Central Park would be near impossible with the closures. So I wandered over to Madison (to avoid foot traffic) and headed south to go down and around Central Park. I made it to the family meeting area at about the same time Eric crossed the finish line, exactly 15 minutes after Chris. It was a good thing it takes runners a minimum of 45 minutes to get to the family meeting area because I had to go through security. I found a good spot to hang out and text both the boys to tell them where I was. Chris found me about an hour later and then Eric found us about 5 minutes after that. We then went in search of food before parting ways and going back to the hotel.

November 3rd – Monday – Rest

Yea… so… umm… I originally planned (and packed) to run on Monday. But after making friends with the bartender the night before and drinking far more than planned, I was too hungover to care about running. I also had a list of things to do in the morning. So I got up and headed out. Eric and I met back up for Lunch and try to take part in the post marathon activities but the lines were too long so we headed back to the hotel before meeting up with another friend of mine for dinner.

November 4th – Tuesday – Rest

So… Funny story… I booked the wrong flight home. This meant I needed Chris to bail me out. I was going to take the train into NJ and he would pick me up at the station. I would crash with him at his sisters place (HUGE thank you to her) and then we would drive back to Chicago the following day. I opted against running since I had to explain to my parents my little snafu… Luckily we all had a good laugh about this being genetic. Eric and I then headed over to an Asics Sample Sale before checking out of the hotel and searching out a place for lunch. We wandered around since Eric wanted to try to find presents for his niece and nephews but didn’t really find anything. We were back at the hotel with time to spare to get our bags. We said goodbye and I hiked it over to Penn Station to catch my train. This was an uneventful trip thankfully.

November 5th – Wednesday – Rest

Chris and I were awake pretty early but I had zero desire to run and I knew he was taking time off after doing two marathons in there weeks. We made a quick trip to the shore before grabbing breakfast and hitting the road. It was a fun road trip home full of chatting and lots of singing to 80s music. Despite our 12 year age difference, I know a LOT of 80s music (I am younger in case you didn’t know). I was truly an awesome trip and I am still insanely thankful that he was able to bail me out. We will definitely have to take a road trip together again… except the next one will need to be actually planned.

November 6th – Thursday – Rest

I told myself I would run but I was too exhausted to care. Not sleeping much while in NYC on top of the junk food eating and too much alcohol made for a very unproductive day with a nice long nap. At least I managed to unpack before meeting up with one of my good friends for dinner who is leaving town for a bit. Sad to see him go…

November 7th – Friday – Rest

When I woke up I said I was going to run after getting picking up race packets for Courtney and I. Since packet pickup was right near the grocery store I also stopped in to stock up. I then proceeded to walk home carrying my food like bucket carries. Great workout but probably not the best decision before a 10 Mile race. I was exhausted again when I got home so I took a nap instead of running…

November 8th – Saturday – Navy Pier Perfect 10 Mile Race

It was race day! This is the race I trained for and I was ready to conquer it. Well… sorta… the lack of sleep, junk food and alcohol over the previous week made me feel less than ready for the race. My body was just angry with me. But I was still going to go for broke. I had a few goals in mind and I knew one of them would be a battle on the best of days. You can read my full report here. It wasn’t the race that I wanted but it was the best I could do for the day.

November 9th – Sunday – Rest

Ehhhh…. I have taken all week off so what is one more rest day before starting a busy week? I considered heading out for a quick three miler but in the end I just decided to take the rest day and start the week off anew. I did do a LOT of rolling out though… so I did do something good. After all, I am now officially training for Disney…


It was hardly the two weeks I had originally planned to have for training but it is what it is. Sometimes you just need a brief break to enjoy life. That’s not to say that I would have enjoyed things any less had I run instead of taking all the rest days. But with as exhausted as I was feeling, I knew it was smarter to take the rest days.

But now it is time to get back on track.

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