Weekly Training Report: October 20th – 26th

Oct 20-26

Monday – 5.09 Miles

Since I decided to cut out the official long runs in the few weeks leading up to my big goal race, I figured it would be a good idea to work on getting comfortable with 5 milers. It is weird to lace up and head out for a five mile run and not be worried about it. But I finally feel comfortable again and I am loving it. The weather was that perfect fall weather and I was glad to be out on the LFT. Even more so, I was thrilled that the water fountains were still on. I was worried that with the drop off in temps on Saturday that they would turn most of them off… but they are still on! I know my days are numbered there but I am still going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Tuesday – Rest

The weather was horrible. It was chilly and overcast and windy and I just wasn’t feeling it. So I decided to take a rest day. I ended up being super productive though… Errands and laundry got done! I also did an insane amount of walking and ended up walking over 7 miles… so… not a true rest day but oh well.

Wednesday – 5.04 Miles

When I started this run, I just felt incredible. I was also insanely excited because during a cleaning frenzy (one of the advantages of being laid off… I clean more), I found an older pair of running tights. They weren’t worn THAT many times but I got them at the end of 2010 when I was at my skinniest… and THEY ACTUALLY FIT!!! I decided to take them out for a test run. I had no issues and was thrilled. This run was just one of those perfect runs. It was also a perfect negative split 9:42 / 9:25 / 9:16 / 9:09 / 8:46 / 6:33 (last .04)

Thursday – 4.03 Miles

Highs and Lows of running. I felt so amazing on Wednesday but then not so great on Thursday. I just felt very off when I headed out for this run. I wanted 5 miles but I just didn’t have the mental capacity to fight for it. I was also significantly overdressed and overheated big time right away. After doing some quick math and having a very long internal debate between running 5 miles or running 4 miles, I decided to just call it a day at 4 miles.

Friday – 5.06 Miles

I still wasn’t really feeling the run but I knew I could hang in there for 5 miles. The whole week I had been debating whether or not I would run the day before my race or the day after my race. Some might say it would be smarter to take the day before as a rest day… and normally I would agree. But, thus far, I have had a LOT of luck with running the day before a race, so I figured why mess with what was working. We got a brief warm-up and I was able to break out the tank top again for the run which was a nice little thrill.

Saturday – Pumpkins in the Park 5K 

I was completely pumped for my favorite 5K with friends! You can read the full recap here. The short version… I went, I saw, I conquered. I have a brand new shiny PR! It wasn’t a perfect race since I positive split it but I am still very happy with the end result. Most of all, I am happy that I got to spend time with friends.

Sunday – Rest

Since I had already run 5 days for the week, I decided to take a rest day. It was a gorgeous day outside though so I did enjoy it by walking around. I am perfectly content with the rest since my last day I managed to walk over 7 miles… oops… Errands. So a full rest day was definitely in order.


It was a great week of training and I am so excited to have a new PR! This week I need to get ready for my trip to NYC! Of course, there will still be running. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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