Racing with a Goal

Over the course of my 5 years as a runner, I have definitely participated in a LOT of races. You could easily say that I am addicted to racing. And really, there are worse things I could spend my money on.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t always “race” my races. A lot of them I do just for fun and to be with friends. There are a handful of races that I plan to run for time every year. And occasionally, when the weather decides to work against me, I will choose, instead, to run for fun.

Due to my current employment situation, I have had to take a LOT of fall racing off my schedule. Which is a total bummer because I have been itching to race. My running has been going so well over the past few months that I really want to see I do in a 10K and an 8K. But, I have to be an adult sometimes.

Luckily, my wonderful mother, did pay for me to do my absolute favorite 5K. Pumpkins in the Park has been my favorite 5K since my first year running it in 2010. I PR’d at that race. Since then, I have been no where near that time… until this fall. I had never intended to PR at Oktoberfest… but I did.

However, I still want to go for a PR at Pumpkins. It is weird (though I have never claimed to be normal) but I want Pumpkins to hold my PR. Sure, a lot of it is nostalgia. But I also know that I will return to Pumpkins each and every year I am capable.

This is also a 5K that I try to get as many of my friends as possible to sign up for. And really, since it is a 4:00 PM race, there is very little reason to NOT sign up :-p

I have talked before about going into a race with a time goal in mind. In the past, I have not put that time goal down on paper (So-to-speak) until after the race. Perhaps I should not tempt fate but I am going to lay it all out.

Sub 29:00 is my goal

This is only 9 seconds away from my PR in September so it is a very realistic goal. I have been doing more 4 and 5 miles runs lately and even those have been at a faster pace than my PR 5K time.

Even if I miss my goal, I will still be amongst friends. So either way, I know I will have a good time.

But I want it and I am going to fight for it!


5 thoughts on “Racing with a Goal

  1. I’ve never done Pumpkins in the Park before, but I’ve heard such great things about it. Good luck! I have no doubt that you can get that sub-29, as your splits have been terrific lately!

  2. Glad you’re able to get to do a fall 5K! I have a couple of races that I’ve done year after year and it’s hard to miss them, so I’m glad you’re going to be able to run a race that’s so special to you. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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