Weekly Training Report: October 13th – 19th

Oct 13-19

Monday – 4.98 Miles

Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, I was going for a trail run with S. I have never been for a trail run before so I was kinda worried that I would never be able to keep up with S. He runs trails all the time and is in far better shape than I am. Surprisingly enough, I managed to do a decent job of keeping up. I made it about half way through the run before I realized that the whole drinking water while running thing was throwing off my breathing a little too much. I had also drastically over-dressed for the run and was heating up way too fast. Luckily, I knew to bring water to run with. The hills and the more technical terrain definitely took its toll on me and I slowed a lot toward the end and did need to stop twice. But overall, I managed to mostly keep up. Even more exciting, I didn’t break an ankle. After the trail run, I helped S with a SISU workout… Basically I told him what to do while I watched… but I did need to tell him to what to do so I got to run the stairs a few times. We then headed to FTX for a CrossFit workout. I was originally going to do another intro class but they were doing the one that I had already done so they recommended I jump into the WOD. I was grateful that the WOD contained all exercises that I knew and had done before… even if it had been some time since I had done any of them. It was an awesome day of working out and I am really looking forward to my next trail run.

Tuesday – 5.09 Miles

I woke up to rain but it looked like there would be a break in the early afternoon. So once that it stopped raining, I geared up. At the last minute, I threw on a waterproof lightweight vest thingy. I also choose to wear an older pair of running shoes in case I got stuck in the rain. For the first mile, I was good but about half a mile later, a light mist started. Since it wasn’t all that bad and it was pretty warm, I decided to continue on. But about half a mile later, it was more of a light rain and another half mile, it was a steady rain. Well… lovely… Since I don’t run with my bus pass, I really didn’t have much choice for how to get home. So running in the rain was what I did. I actually did not hate it. Except I really wish I had grabbed a baseball cap since it was a little difficult to see. I was also glad that it was still relatively warm. When I got home, I was completely soaked. And yet, it was still an awesome run. Hmmm… Guess running in the rain isn’t so bad…

Wednesday – Rest

It had been a few nights since I had gotten a decent amount of sleep. Usually during the spring and fall when the weather is changing and it can be either really cold or really warm, I will have at least a few nights where it is way too warm for me to sleep. As a result, I was feeling exhausted most of the day so figured a rest day would be beneficial. I knew as long as I hit at least 20 miles for the week, I would still be in a good spot training wise. I also didn’t have a long run on the schedule for the week so a slight cut back might not be a bad idea. I went to the grocery store, took a nap and watch Downton Abbey episodes 🙂

Thursday – 5.06 Miles

Feeling a bit more rested, I headed out for a run. Knowing that I was likely only getting 4 running days for the week, I knew I had to run at least 5 miles. Thankfully this run was rain free. I may not have minded running in the rain but I certainly wasn’t going to run in the rain if I could avoid it. I tried to skip water fountains so that I was only stopping once every mile or so instead of every half mile. Of course, I noticed on the half mile trek home from the LFT that the water fountains on the way are now all turned off… which isn’t a HUGE deal. But I like stopping at them as I walk home to start to re-hydrate or as a final boost to end strong. The days of water fountains being on are numbered…

Friday – 5.11 Miles

Knowing that there was a very high chance this would be my last run for the week, I headed out for 5 miles. I had been running errands earlier in the day and was very warm so I dressed a little cooler. But when I stepped outside, it felt like the temp had dropped in the 20 or so minutes I had been inside. I opted to just stick with what I was wearing and get the run done. I had felt warm the day before so figured I would be ok in what I was wearing as long as I didn’t stop for too long at water fountains… or as long as it didn’t cool off too much more. It was, however, one of those days where it felt like I was always running into the wind… I really don’t like those days. It was definitely a good run and I am glad that I can do 5 miles a day again… it has been a LONG time since I have been able to do that.

Saturday – Rest

Rest is a very broad term. I did not run and I didn’t walk a ton but I had a huge task for the day. S had signed up to do a 24 hour endurance event weeks ago and asked me to crew for him. I had to make sure he ate, drank plenty of water and essentially didn’t need anything. Last week, the official event was canceled but the participants were still allowed to go out in a “Training” capacity. The 24 hour event was not available but the 12 hour event was. His task was 5 laps of a 4 mile course with around 30 obstacles… all while wearing a 35 pound ruck. We were on the road bright and early… actually… it was about 4:15 in the morning so it wasn’t all that bright. After setting everything up… well… correction, he was nice enough to pitch the tent while I slept in the car. He changed and geared up for the event and was off. There were 5 other people doing the 12 hour event but they were not doing the event with the ruck. Easier but still quite challenging. There was also one other crew person for me to chat with. I was chilly most of the day but it was absolutely gorgeous there and I really enjoyed just looking at the beautiful fall colors. I also got pretty good at keeping a bonfire going strong. In the end, he completed his 5 laps in 9 hours! So he was a FULL THREE HOURS ahead! Massively impressed and proud! We packed up and headed to get yummy BBQ for dinner. When I got home, I showered and then completely konked out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sunday – 3.01 Miles

I was utterly shocked when I woke up to a text from S… I was even more shocked when he said he was feeling good enough for a little run. So off to Waterfall Glen we went. It was a lot cooler out so I opted to wear a pair of running tights. Except they apparently didn’t want to stay up. During the run, I had to stop numerous times to pull my pants up to avoid having my entire butt being exposed. As comical as this was… I really was not enjoying having to stop every tenth of a mile to yank my pants back up. Eventually, tucking in both of my shirts instead of just the most bottom layer kept my pants up enough. They still didn’t stay all the way up but at least I was no longer worried about mooning everyone who happened to be behind me. Moral of the story… get running tights that stay in place…


This week was incredible and I got in a lot of awesome runs. I absolutely loved my first trail run! The hills and technical terrain definitely slowed me down but it would be awesome to be able to cover that kind of distance at my normal pace. It is also beautiful. For the first time in years, I actually felt like I could take on 5 miles a day. I cannot even begin to describe how much relief I have felt after nailing that 8 miler and the confidence that it has given me back.

Coming up this week is my absolute favorite 5K… Pumpkins in the Park!!!


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