Weekly Training Report: October 6th – 12th

Oct 6-12

Monday – Rest

Second day soreness is always worse… and oh boy was it. My CrossFit workout on Saturday left my hamstrings and butt insanely sore. So instead of running, I decided a rest day would be a good idea. I did some walking and I definitely stretched and rolled out.

Tuesday – 4.04 Miles

Still sore from Saturday, but better than the day before, I contemplated taking another rest day. But knowing my schedule for the following week, I knew I would need to take Sunday as my second rest day. So I laced up and headed out for a run. I wanted 4 miles but told myself that if I wasn’t feeling it, I could cut it back to three miles. While running, I discovered that I was actually feeling pretty good so I decided to go for the full 4 miles. It was a gorgeous day outside and I loved being on the LFT. The run was fantastic and I was glad I decided to run the full 4 miles.

Wednesday – 4.01 Miles

Part of my wanted run 5 miles but I also try to not increase weekly mileage by more than 1 – 2 miles a week so I decided to stick with my original plan of 4 miles. I felt really slow and could tell I just wasn’t running on all cylinders. It was still a pretty decent run but I was definitely slower than the day before. It was also one of those infamous days on the LFT trail where it doesn’t seem to matter which direction you are running, it is always into the wind…

Thursday – 3.11 Miles

It was a gorgeous fall day outside and I was excited to head out for my run. I threw on a tank top and capris and headed out. But as I started to run, I realized that I perhaps should have worn a t-shirt or even a long sleeve. It took my about 2 miles before I was no longer feeling chilly. I didn’t truly have any goals for the run but decided it would be a good idea to do a tester 5K since it had been a few weeks since my PR. The run was a perfect negative split and faster than my 5K PR. I am feeling good about my next 5K Race.

Friday – 3.05 Miles

I started off the day early… my building renegotiated the cable/internet deal with our provider so I now get a lot more stuff included with my assessments… but this meant an early appointment so I could get upgraded. Since I really didn’t have any plans for the day except a three mile run, I thought it would be fun to check out the Marathon expo with Eric. Except he was heading there before I finished my coffee or ate breakfast… so he got to chill at my place for about an hour first. We then headed on out. The expo was impressive but since I currently have zero disposable income, I couldn’t have as much fun as I would have liked. But it was still cool seeing everything there. Lots of runners excited for the big day. I was excited too and it is not even my race! After the expo, we made our way back. I changed and headed out for my run right away before I could get comfortable.  The run felt comfortable but I wanted to pick it up just a tad for the last mile so I did. I am really loving this fall weather for running.

Saturday – 10.47 Miles

The plan was 9 Miles but I wanted to go for 10 if I was feeling up for it. Thanks to my wonderful running company for the day, I was feeling good. So I went for it… and then I tacked on a little extra. There was no set pace before the run but I was extremely pleased with a 10:00ish pace… especially since this is apparently my new conversational pace. If you want to read more about the run, you can go here.

Sunday – Rest

Marathon Sunday! I love spectating the marathon and this year was no different. A friend joined me at my usual spot this year which made it even better. I had a list of people I wanted to see but, sadly, missed a couple. I was also freezing the entire time since the wind decided to pick up and I was standing in the shade the entire time. It was an excellent race!


It was an incredible week of training. I feel confident about my 10 mile race coming up in a few weeks. I am actually considering setting a very lofty goal for myself for the race. The next couple of weeks of training should be good.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: October 6th – 12th

  1. Wow congrats on the 5k “PR” (too bad it isn’t “official”). You are in a very good spot for your next race. Too bad I didn’t see you on the course. Glad to hear you mention how windy it was. It really played with my head (and legs) during the southbound trip from Addison to 35th Street.

    • Haha… Yea… I wish that 5K time was official. The wind was just crazy on Sunday… You all had to deal with it for a long stretch so hope it didn’t mess with your race too much

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