Month in Review: September 2014

Sept 2014

Oh boy… what a month. It truly was an awesome month. I have been doing really well on my longer runs and my shorter daily runs are also improving. On the last day of August, I had an amazing race and that sort of set the tone for September. Two and a half weeks later, I had another 5K race on the schedule. The race was never a goal race for me but I set a modest goal for myself… and ended up setting a new PR! Without even trying… go figure…

My long runs continued to be a struggle for me. Mostly due to the fear that I have been carrying with me for the past several years. But I refused to give in to the fear and instead fought to regain control. I have never gone into a long training run with a time goal but have been really happy with my pace for the runs. I can tell my body is still adjusting to the longer distance since it has been foreign to me for so long. I know it will just take some work to get used to it… the game is time.

Sept Yr to Yr

Over the past several years, I have compared my running numbers to 2010. It may have been my first official year of running but  it still remains my magical year to me. If things keep going the way they have been there is a very good chance that 2014 will turn into my magical year. Not only did I have the best September ever my mileage but I also had the best monthly mileage EVER… I beat my other best month by 0.68 miles… and that had been June 2010. So I now have a new PR in a 5K race and a PR in monthly mileage.

Sept 2014 Glance

I hit all of my goals for the month. I stuck with my 5 day a week plan which allowed me to hit my other goals of at least 20 runs for the month. I really cannot complain about a month where I ran 86.49 miles either. But, I do admit, I am itching to race and there are several that I wish I had been able to run… Oh well

Sept 2014 Avg

I have really liked my monthly average log this month. I like that my runs averaged out to over 4 miles. I look back to where I was in the past years and I have come so far. I used to REALLY struggle to run more than 2.00/2.50 and now I averaged over 4. Really thrilled that my running feels like it is finally back where I want it to be.

To top off the fantastic month, my pace has been sub 10:00 for all but one run. That one run was a run with a friend and I am slower when I run and talk. But running with friends is a small sacrifice. I never really thought that I would be sub 10:00 so consistently. It makes me wonder how fast I might be if I actually did speed work… But I also sticking to my original goals for the year. It is far more important for me to be consistent and maintain this really solid base that I have going. Still, it was pointed out to me the other day that I am a full 2 minutes faster than I was two months ago… That is a HUGE improvement.


It really has been an incredible month. I have had a lot of demons to fight over the course of the month but with each mile, I am slowly getting rid of them. I am not sure if they will ever go away completely. But I am willing to put in the work and to keep fighting. Everything is falling into place with my training and I might actually complete a full training cycle for the first time ever. I have some pretty high hopes for October.


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