Weekly Training Report: September 29th – October 5th

Sept 29-Oct 5

Monday – Rest

My original plan was to do my longer run to start off the week. Get it over and done with. But it was a lot warmer than I would have liked for a run… especially one that was insanely anxious about. I contemplated doing 4 or 3 miles instead. In the end I decided to take the rest day. The temp was supposed to drop for Tuesday and I knew the conditions would be better for the long run. I wanted to have as much as possible stacked in my favor for this run so I figured the extra rest day would only help.

Tuesday – 8.04 Miles

This run had me freaking out all morning. I was insanely anxious and just… well… freaking out. I had an offer for company on the run if I was willing to put the run off. But in the end, I knew that I needed to just get the run over with. But my nerves were shot. The phone call I received right before I headed out for the run calmed me a ton but it was several miles before I knew the run was mine. In case you missed my post about the run, you can read it here. I felt extreme relief when the run was over and am very hopeful that long runs won’t scare me as much anymore.

Wednesday – 4.01 Miles

It was a lovely day out. I knew I wanted to run 4 miles but I didn’t want to run my normal 4 mile course. So I decided to play with some of the hills in the park. But since I was making up my route as I ran, I kept having to figure out a way to add on distance. It wasn’t terrible but it meant once I hit the 4 miles, I was a bit further from home than I had originally intended. Luckily since it was a nice day, I didn’t have to worry about getting cold while walking home.

Thursday – 4.02 Miles

We were expecting some pretty severe storms and a LOT of rain in the late afternoon/early evening so I knew I had to get in the run on the earlier side… one advantage of being unemployed. I wanted at least 3.50 miles but a part of me also wanted another 4 miles. But I also didn’t want to do my normal 4 mile route. I figured if the weather changed, it would be better to be closer to home. When I hit approximately 3 miles, I decided I wanted to go for 4 so I added on a little bit and ended the run with a couple blocks to walk home. As I walked home, I checked my splits out of curiosity… they were all over the place but my second mile split had me at a sub 9:00 pace… I had to do a double take because I didn’t believe that I had run a sub 9:00 minute mile for my second mile. The odd thing was that I had been contemplating a timed mile for a couple of weeks to see if I could go sub 9:00 so this was a HUGE surprise. But a pleasant one 🙂

Friday – 3.05 Miles 

I headed out for my normal three mile run. The weather had changed a bit. It was insanely windy and the temps were dropping. There was a lot of debate about what to wear since I didn’t know how much colder it would be by the time I was done with the run but I finally decided on Capri’s and a tech long sleeve. Once I started running, I figured out that a t-shirt might have been smarter since I was just a tad overdressed. It was also one of those days on the LFT where it doesn’t seem to matter what direction you are running, it is always into the wind. The run felt good and when I was done, I was pleased with my pace. I was even more please to see a 8:59 mile split for my third mile… hmm… second time this week…

Saturday – 3.01 Miles

In the morning, I went with someone to CrossFit. I have been intrigued by it for quite a while but had yet to take the plunge. My first trip to FTX was awesome! Not only are the people there really nice but I was also impressed with the instructors. They care more about form than how quickly/how many reps. That had always been my main fear with CrossFit but it is definitely not something I need to worry about with this place. It was a short 8 minute workout but holy moly were my shoulders and hamstrings screaming by the end. I am really excited to go back again at some point! I still needed one more run for the week to finish it out and I needed about 3 miles. Luckily, the person I went to CrossFit with also needed to run… though quite a bit longer at 17 miles. So after getting back into the city, we geared up and headed out together. At my three mile turn around water fountain (thankfully they are still on for now), he continued on and I continued back home. Throughout the entire run, I could tell my hamstrings were angry with me. The slightest incline left them screaming. It was definitely a slower pace but I was ok with that. My legs wouldn’t have allowed me to push much more than that. Two very awesome workouts in one day… Definitely a good way to spend a Saturday!

Sunday – Rest 

Holy Soreness! My hamstrings, butt and shoulders were so sore. I had expected this after the workout at FTX but geez. This is also the main reason I wanted to get my 5th and final run for the week done on Saturday… I knew I would be too sore to run the day after the CrossFit workout. Instead I went for a walk. It was a pretty nice day out. I ended up walking with my best friend, her husband and his family for a little bit as well. I knew the walk would be good for me but I also probably should have walked a little less since my legs are really unhappy with me. Oh well… It was nice to spend time with such wonderful people. All in all, it was a perfect weekend 🙂


It was a really great week for training. Above all, it feels so good to finally have that 8 miler done and behind me. I had been dreading the run for weeks and knew it would be a huge battle for me but I finally nailed it! I am not dreading my next long run like I had been dreading the others so hopefully that was a turning point for me. I know I still need to mentally battle the fear of getting nausea that I have in the back of mind but I feel like I am finally making progress on that front.

Huge plans for the week with the running… definitely need to start doing more 4 milers and am thinking I will do 9 miles instead of 8.50 miles. The Chicago Marathon is also on Sunday so I am looking forward to spectating that and seeing my friends run it!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: September 29th – October 5th

  1. 22 miles including an 8 miler? Nice job for the week! Let me know where you will be so I can hopefully find you and wave to you during the marathon. 🙂

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