July in Review

July 2014

Yea… so I am over a month late in posting this… All I can say is… Life…

I had originally decided that I was going to extend my run streak for the whole month of July… But then I got a cold so I was forced to end my streak. I had to take a week off and take a DNS on a race that I had really been looking forward to. In hindsight, even though I felt good throughout the entire streak, it is possible that my body truly could not handle it and my getting a cold was my wake up call… so-to-speak. However, I am still glad that I did the streak.

July 2014 Glance

Alright – Let’s talk numbers here. I managed to run 19 days for the month… just one run shy of my 20 days a month goal. I took one DNS… and yea… that one kind of stings a bit… But I did manage to run one race and I even finished off the month with just under 49 miles. Since I took a solid week off after getting sick, I am pretty happy with the numbers.

My whole plan for the summer was to maintain a solid running base and be consistent so for the month of July, I would say that I hit both goals.

Thankfully, most of the month was on the cooler side which always helps my running. I started to notice that even on the warmer days, I was more adapted to the heat than I had been the previous three summers. I really do think that the run streak was a HUGE contributing factor to that.

July Yr to Yr

I am very happy that I was at least able to beat my monthly mileage from the previous three years. Was no where close to 2010 but I was at the height of half marathon training at that point… so all relative.

July 2014 Avg

My average mileage for the month was below 3… I really wanted it to be at 3 or higher but I did a number of streak keeper days at the beginning of the month so all in all I was ok with that. My pace was well below 10:00 though. I had started to notice that I was running faster. I chalked it all up to the streak and therefore having several days where I only ran a mile but then I started to notice that my longer runs were staying under a 10:00 pace. I was really surprised by that since I wasn’t doing any speed work… at least not intentionally.

All in all it was a good month of training… I had big plans for August and the last week of July. But I received some devastating news at the end of the month when I was laid off from work. This definitely messed with me mentally. Running was definitely my only sanity for the time being.


2 thoughts on “July in Review

  1. Congrats on all the miles and your new faster pace. I think that increasing mileage is the best way to get faster: You can hold your faster paces longer than you can when you don’t put in the miles. Throw in a little consistency (like you’ve been) and adapting to the warm weather and you will keep getting better!

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