Weekly Training Report: August 25th – 31st

Aug 25-31

Monday – Rest

My Great Aunt’s funeral was on Monday so it was a day with family. Obviously the reason we were brought together was bad but it was still great to be able to see and spend time with my family.

Tuesday – Rest

I had REALLY good intentions to run… in fact, I had a running buddy and we were going to run 5.00/5.50 miles but lack of sleep, food and water totally killed that planned. So it turned into a rest day instead. But it was still a really awesome day and I wouldn’t have traded it 🙂

Wednesday – 5.30 Miles

After quite a few rest days, it was time to get back to work. I wanted at least 5 miles but knew going above 5 would be better. So I headed out with that plan in mind. I felt great the entire time. There is very little that would have made me happier on this run. And it just goes to show how well I run when I run happy. Definitely ready to start training for Navy Pier

Thursday – 3.05 Miles

Knowing that I had a 5K coming up on the race schedule for Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea to skip some water fountains to see what my pace was. I had a race goal in mind but wasn’t sure if it was a good goal. I was utterly shocked when I got home and saw my pace. I had expected to slow since I was skipping water fountains. The entire run was also a negative split. Well then… Race goal locked in my mind.

Friday – 2.67 Miles

After doing some math and know where I wanted to be for the week but also not wanting to jump too high in mileage, I knew I only needed a 2.50ish mile run… which was good because I had a hot date with the Detroit Tigers at US Cellular Field. So I headed out and opted for my 2.50ish mile route. It was insanely humid but overall I felt pretty good. I was floored when I got home and saw my pace. Apparently, Friday has turned into my unexpected speed days…

Saturday – 2.02 Miles

Despite having a race on Sunday, I wanted my 5th running day for the week. I also wanted to be over 15 miles for the week. I told myself I would head out for a slow two miles. Except apparently my body had a different idea of what “slow” meant… I had fully intended for the run to be a 10:00 pace or higher… Ooops

Sunday – Women’s Mag Mile 5K Race

You can read my full race report here.  This race was great! It feels incredible to finally hit a goal that I have been chasing for so long. Of course, being so close to a PR, I am rather bummed I didn’t get that and I feel like had it not been for the hills, I would have gotten a PR. Don’t get me wrong… I totally nailed the goal I set but I did have the idea of a PR in the back of my head too. Those last two hills just killed me though… they took too much out of me and I wasn’t able to make it up.


It was a great week for training! It started off with an awesome longer run and ended with smashing my race goal. Can you really ask for a better week of training?


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