Weekly Training Report: August 18th – 24th

Aug 18 - 24

Monday – 5.01 Miles

I have another 10 miler on the race schedule for the beginning of November. Though I feel confident that I can train effectively starting the first week of September, I wanted to a little tester. I have been running very consistently but I really haven’t done much above 3 miles for most of the summer. Which was the plan all along but at the same time, I needed to know I had it in me. So I decided that a 5 mile run would be a good tester. It was very hot and humid when I headed out but I knew what I needed to do and, more importantly, I wanted it. The run felt really good and I was really surprised by my pace for the run.

Tuesday – Rest

I had run/worked out for 6 days in a row so I figured a rest day would be a good idea. I had walked home from downtown so I was at least a little active. It was also insanely humid out and I really just had zero desire to deal with that. Of course this decision would bite me in the butt…

Wednesday – 3.05 Miles

I woke up pretty optimistic for the day but that didn’t last long when I found out that my Great Aunt had died. Though this news was no surprise since she was 96 and her health had been getting worse for the last 5 years and was really bad over the last year, it is still not pleasant news. Dad would be flying to MI for the funeral so that meant a trip back to my Aunt and Uncle’s that weekend was now part of my plan. I still headed out for a run and felt great. I noticed how strong I felt throughout the run and it was a wonderful feeling.

Thursday – 3.08 Miles

It had been raining all day so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get my run in at all. I decided my kitchen needed a good scrubbing so I spent the day doing that while also dusting. The rain finally broke around 5 pm so I quickly changed and headed out. Holy hell was it humid!!!

Friday – 3.02 Miles

I had a train that left at 4:00 pm so I had to get the run in before that. It was raining when I woke up and I REALLY hate running in the morning. I took a chance and decided to run in the afternoon. This was both a good and bad decision. It was VERY hot and VERY humid. My running gear was packed but I wasn’t sure of the schedule for the weekend so I needed to get in at least one more run before leaving town. It was a struggle and I seriously considered bailing at my two mile turn around point… but I REALLY wanted 3 miles for the day so I pushed through. The last quarter mile was beyond brutal and I was dizzy but refused to bail on the run with only .20 miles to go. I knew it was foolish but I wanted it… I still have absolutely no idea how I was able to pull out a sub 9:30 pace for the run.

Saturday – Rest

I am officially 0 for 2 on bringing running gear to Michigan and running… Dad and I decided to go check out the old neighborhood where I lived before we moved to NJ… we got a little lost but thank goodness for the iPhone GPS. We then went stopped my dad’s best friend house (whom I refer to as my aunt and uncle) and ended up having dinner with them. The day was awesome and I was perfectly ok with skipping a run for seeing my childhood home and spending time with really wonderful people.

Sunday – Rest

The viewing was in the afternoon so I knew all along that I would not be running on Sunday unless I got up and ran first… Have I mentioned how much I hate running in the morning? It was also insanely foggy and I did not have my reflective vest with me. I wasn’t going to risk running along the road where the speed limit was 55 in very dense fog without a reflective vest.


It wasn’t the week I had originally planned to have but family comes first. I was at least able to be about where I had been the previous week for mileage so that was good.


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