Weekly Training Report: August 4th – August 10th

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Monday – 3.02 Miles

It was one of those days… where I got caught in two downpours… So I knew there was a good chance I would get caught in another one during my run. I threw on my older pair of running shoes to be cautious. Of course, that means that it didn’t rain at all. I have a feeling it is that whole bring an umbrella and it won’t rain thing. The run was just ok… it was very humid out and I wasn’t as hydrated as I would have liked. I did some strength training when I got home but my shoulder was feeling the greatest, so I did a leg day and avoided using the shoulder.

Tuesday – 3.36 Miles

My best friend was by the beach and I wanted to stop by and say hi but there was a flaw in the plan. She was near the water’s edge and I didn’t want to get sand in my shoes so I figured I would finish the run and then see if she is still there. But I don’t run with my phone… so yea… flawed plan. I was just in an odd mood and I felt like my emotions were all over the place. I wanted to be alone but I didn’t want to be alone. This all spilled over in my run because I really wasn’t feeling it at all. I knew if I had gotten sand in my shoe it would be too good of an excuse for me to bail. So small victory that I actually did complete the run.

Wednesday – 4.06 Miles

THIS was the run I desperately needed. It was one of those days where everything feels perfect and falls into place. I felt strong. My breathing was good and the legs felt surprisingly fresh. I decided to go for the extra mile since I was feeling so great. Part of me wanted to try for 5 miles but I didn’t wear the right socks for longer than a 4 mile run. For the first time in a week, I felt like my old self and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Thursday – 2.20 Miles

A couple of months ago, I had made plans to go visit my Aunt and Uncle for their annual party and so I had to be at Union Station to catch my 4:00 pm train which meant I couldn’t run at my normal time. I had originally planned to only 3 days but I figured I had no excuse to NOT run since I am unemployed. But I also late breakfast a little later than planned and so I was extremely full when I headed out for my run about two hours later. I could tell right away that this would not be a day to run 3 miles because I wasn’t sure if the contents of my stomach would stay down. But I am glad that I was able to get the run in before heading to the train.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Rest

I brought my running gear with me to MI in case I felt the emotions go haywire since running has really been the only thing keeping me sane. But I ended up not feeling the need to run… the copious amounts of alcohol didn’t help with the running thing either. But the weekend ended up being exactly what I needed… More on that in a later post.

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