Weekly Training Report: July 28th – August 3rd


Monday – Rest

I decided to take Monday as a rest day so I could meet Rita Jeptoo instead. Of course, I did have the opportunity to run with Nike that evening but I wanted to spend some time with mom instead since it was her last night in town.

Tuesday – 3.05 Miles

Tuesday was my first day of the new training plan. So I started it off with a run. Part of me wanted to run 4 miles, but it was one of those days where I did and did not want to do the extra mile. I was feeling good enough for the added mile but I also knew that I had to do some serious strength training when I got home and since it had been a while, I thought it might be smarter to stick to my original plan for the run. I then did some strength training for about 30 minutes. More on that tomorrow.

Wednesday – 3.06 Miles

Yea… I forgot how it felt to run on sore legs. It wasn’t too bad because I know that second day soreness is worse but oh yea… thats the feeling I had been missing since essentially February… Overall the run felt pretty good though and I was surprised that I was still able to keep a decent pace. I also got in another round of strength training

Thursday – 3.04 Miles

Thursday the floor fell out from underneath me when I was laid off from a job that I loved. I still headed out for a run though. I needed the run. The shock was quickly wearing off and I wasn’t quite ready for the utter break down that I knew was coming. So I went for a run. But with each water fountain I stopped at, I could feel myself breaking. I know I was essentially sprinting once I started running after stopping at the water fountains and could feel myself slow since I cannot maintain that kind of pace for long. I felt numb when I got home and I definitely broke.

Friday – 3.03 Miles

I had a very rough morning but I also had a game plan. Deciding that doing something that would keep me kind of busy, I opted to do laundry since I needed clean running gear. I then went for a run… I needed something normal and running is normal for me. I felt like it was all I had left and I couldn’t let it go. I also managed to strength train a bit. But mentally… everything felt like a battle.

Saturday – 3.01 Miles

I had brunch with Eric and Vijay and then generosity and compassion overwhelmed me. I truly have wonderful friends. I went to the grocery store after. When I got home, I crashed and took a nap. The past few days had caught up to me and I needed some more sleep. I took a nap a couple hours after waking up even though I was a tad dehydrated. I had always planned to run 3 miles each day but I had to fight for the third mile on this run. I managed to get it done though.

Sunday – Rest

Yep… I was a total bum on my couch. It was raining off and on and I was perfectly content with resting instead. My best friend, however, decided I needed to be aired out. So we attempted a trek to Whole Foods so she could get food. The rain ruined that plan so we ended up at Starbucks to wait out the rain and then went to Trader Joe’s. I then hung out with her for most of the evening. It was good to get out and I definitely needed it. Good friends always help 🙂


Things are a bit off for me right now. This week is just going to be weird. But I have a mini-vacation that I have had planned for a couple months now. I get to go see my Aunt and Uncle. So I am looking forward to that. Eventually I will figure out some sort of new routine until I find another job.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: July 28th – August 3rd

  1. Shoot, I’m at a loss for words. I’m just really sorry that you lost your job and I hope that you start to feel a little bit better soon. I hope you can find some joy in your running, even if it means running your heart out every run. Virtual hugs!

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