Weekly Training Report: July 21st – 27th

Jul 21-27

Monday – 2.15 Miles

Monday was hot and humid… like very hot and humid. Since that was the case, I decided it might be smarter to do a shorter run. Thank goodness for all the water fountains because they were definitely needed. When I stopped at my turn around point, I dumped a bunch of water on my head and it felt great. I was surprised by my pace when I got home since it was so hot and humid out… I had assumed I was running slower. Pretty sure since I stop at the water fountains, I am essentially doing intervals for each half mile…

Tuesday – Rest

I had been toying with the idea of starting a new mini-streak but decided against it. It was even more hot and humid and I just didn’t want to put my body through that. So a rest day sounded like a pretty good idea to me.

Wednesday – 3.05 Miles

The one good thing about the polar vortex thus far has been a cooler summer, which has made for some great running weather. We will get a couple of hot and humid days and then it will cool off again… totally loving it! This was a great run! It was a beautiful day along the LFT and the cooler weather seemed to drive away some of the crowds so I didn’t need to weave as much either which is always helpful.

Thursday – 3.04 Miles

It was another gorgeous Chicago day and I had a date with the LFT. The run felt great and I am still surprised by my pace. At some point, I am assuming I will slow a bit but it would be awesome if I could keep this pace… especially in a race…

Friday – 3.04 Miles

Knowing that I had a busy Saturday on the books, I knew there would be zero chance for a Saturday run which was ok… Especially since I am back to my 5 days a week running schedule. Overall it was a great run… even if I did see something very odd (and rather disgusting). If you are FB Friends with me then you already know but I saw a guy (maybe 15 years old) on a bike pick up what looked like hairpiece extensions. They had been on the ground for at least a week. He then proceeded to put them in his own hair. Yuck Yuck Yuck!!!! I have seen a LOT of weird stuff on the LFT but this one takes the top spot.

Saturday – Rest

It was time for my annual trek to CostCo courtesy of mommy’s CostCo Membership and car renting skills. Being single and living alone, there isn’t a TON of stuff that I can get at CostCo food wise. But I can stock up on other things that don’t spoil like Toilet Paper and face wash. I also REALLY like the clothes they have… mostly the jackets and their running gear is pretty awesome. We also stocked up on some things at Whole Foods and attempted to find a better fix for that hole in my shower. The building is pricing out the pipe job so I know eventually the walls will be torn apart. I was also told point blank by the building manager to NOT fix the hole and just stick with my temporary cover-up since the walls will be torn up and I will need to re-tile my shower anyway. The Home Depot trip was not successful but the other trips were.

Sunday – 3.02 Miles

This run was a struggle. I wasn’t feeling it at all. The wind was pretty brutal as well… been a while since it was THAT windy. I seriously contemplated turning back at my two mile turn around point but figured three miles would be better given my weekly mileage the previous (which I apparently miscalculated while running) and what my plans for mileage would be this week. Whoops. Oh well. I manages to stick with it and get in 3 miles instead of 2.


It was a good week of training and I am glad that I can finally get back into a running groove. My new training plan starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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