Weekly Training Report: July 14th – 20th

Jul 14-20

Monday – Rest

Since I was still very congested on Monday and I had a race on Tuesday, I opted to take another rest day in hopes that the cold would be completely out of my system when I woke up on Tuesday. I really wasn’t feeling sick, I was just really congested and a little more tired than I would have normally been.

Tuesday – Strike Out ALS 5K Race

I wasn’t 100% on Tuesday like I had hoped but I also just really wanted to run. You can read my full report on the race here. Overall, I ran better than I thought I would but I definitely was not feeling back to my normal self yet. Far from it, in fact. But being able to run again felt great. After running 43 days in a row and then not running for a week… I was started to feel on edge.

Wednesday – 2.71 Miles

Still wasn’t feeling better. Still congested and still tired. Mostly, I just wanted to run though. I had already decided I would not start a new run streak so I figured I would try to get in 5 running days this week at whatever mileage I could manage. This run started out just feeling off. I felt really clunky for the first mile and I felt like I could not get my stride going. But I seemed to settle a bit after the first mile. I definitely did not think I was running that fast but it did feel good to be out running again.

Thursday – Rest

Yea… so by the end of the work day I felt incredibly run down and I was STILL congested. The more the day dragged on the more run down I was feeling. When I got home, I decided that taking a rest day would be smarter. I really didn’t WANT to take a rest day but I knew it was the right decision.

Friday – Rest

Once I had decided that I was not going to start a new run streak, I planned to take Friday as a rest day since I had dinner plans with my mom, aunt and a good friend of mine. So I stuck with that initial decision. Dinner and Drinks were yummy like always and made even better by excellent company.

Saturday – 2.18 Miles

I had a conundrum. I was still more tired than I should be and I was STILL congested (although it was getting better). I really wanted to run but I was also worried that running would just make me feel worse. Eventually I just decided to screw it and go for a run anyway. I headed out to the LFT, which I had not been on in nearly two weeks. I had no set mileage in mind but know that the water fountains are about half a mile apart which makes a turn around point easier if needed. I got to my two mile turn around point and knew that I wasn’t running more than two miles so I headed back. I noticed that my lungs felt like they were burning… which is normal for post-cold running for me. But when I got home and saw my pace, I thought that perhaps that could have been it… had no idea I was running that fast… Ooops

Sunday – 3.02 Miles

Definitely feeling a lot better, I headed out for a run. I wanted at least 3 miles but if I was feeling good, I might try to push to 4 miles. I was feeling good but not good enough for 4 miles so when I reached my three mile turn around spot, I headed back home. I am a tad annoyed that I run faster in training than I do in races…


All in all it was a decent week. I knew I was going to have to play most of the week by ear. But it felt good to get back out there. Hoping that I can keep a regular running schedule this week. Need to start pushing for mileage just a tad to prep me for training for my fall races.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful week!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: July 14th – 20th

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. It is not surprising that you ran so fast after you took all of that time off. Since you rested, your legs are fresh and you did not lose very much fitness. Hope you continue to recover!

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