Weekly Training Report: July 7th – 13th

Jul 7-13

Monday – 1.10 Miles

Run Streak Day 43 and the last day of the Streak. All day long I had been feeling the warning signs of a cold but I was really hoping it was just allergies. Since it was extremely hot and humid, the plan was only to do a streak keeper and then throw in some distance once things cooled off in the week. Little did I know this would be my only run for the week…

The Rest of the Week

When I woke up on Tuesday, I knew I had a cold. Why oh WHY couldn’t it be allergies? It didn’t feel like a terrible cold so I still had some hope. I spent the day going back and forth wondering if I could/should run. But after much mental debate, I knew that my body would just hate me for running and would only make things worse. So, knowing that I had a race on Thursday that I did not want to DNS, I made the decision to rest Tuesday.

Wednesday I woke up and felt even worse. I was beyond exhausted and breathing out of my nose was just not a possibility. As the day progressed, I was not getting better. I spent the evening on the couch and went to bed early.

Thursday when I woke up, I was feeling better than Wednesday, but reality set in as I realized that I was still far more exhausted than I should have been and was still incredibly congested. Truth was, I would not be well enough to race. I still held out a glimmer of hope that I would magically feel better by the time I got off work. But my hopes were dashed as the day progressed.

Friday I was actually feeling a bit better. I finally had my appetite back in the afternoon. Since I normally only eat when I am hungry and I never feel hungry when I am sick, I usually have to remember to eat and then force feed myself. So actually feeling hungry was a good sign. It was raining when I got off the bus which made my decision on whether or not I should run for me.

Saturday I really wasn’t feeling the greatest… I had slept really well and even managed to sleep until almost 7 (which is unusual for me on the weekends). I went to get my hair cut and since there really isn’t public trans between my place and my hair salon, I walked. Normally not a huge deal but it was raining. It wasn’t too bad on the way there and my rain boots and rain jacket kept me dry. On the way was a different story… after walking maybe a block and a half it down poured. I could either keep moving and get home and be able to eat breakfast (me with coffee and no food is generally not a good thing) or I could wait it out… I choose to keep moving and was soaked by the time I got home. Mom and I headed out for breakfast but I just wasn’t feeling all that good. I proceeded to spend the rest of the day on the couch… try as I did, I really wasn’t able to sleep despite feeling exhausted.

Sunday… Yep… still not all that great. Mom and I grabbed breakfast and then went to TJMaxx to wander around. It was REALLY hot and stuffy there and it was just making me feel worse and worse by the moment. So after we made our purchases, we headed back out. Mom grabbed us a table at the bar we wanted to watch the soccer match in while I took everything home (only half a block from the bar) then headed back out. Mom wanted to enjoy a couple drinks and I figured, hey, maybe some vodka will kill whatever the hell is in my system. We had a fun afternoon and lucky for me, Chris was kind enough to explain the key points of the game… and kept in mind I was drinking and thus should keep the explanations basic and avoid extra detail. I have always been a lightweight. All in all it was a fun day.


Yea… so one day of running… after running 43 in a row, I must admit that I am feeling REALLY on edge and lethargic. I allowed myself one more rest day since I was still more congested than I should be and I have a race tonight that I really don’t want to DNS.

My hope is that I can resume a normal running schedule. I think I have decided to revert back to my normal 5 days a week. I have a work/travel day in August that I know won’t be a run day unless I get up early and run before work… since I am already up at 4:30 for work… that’s not gonna happen. Plus I am going to MI to spend time with my aunt and uncle, not to run.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: July 7th – 13th

  1. I had to take six days off in a row when I was sick. I heard that it can last up to 10 days. Not much you can do except rest and get better. I’m sure you’ll be back to running 5 days/week soon!

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