From Racer to Spectator

Last Thursday, I was forced to take a DNS on a race. Now, this was certainly not my first and chances are, it won’t be my last.

But I had been looking forward to the race after a month off from racing. I also thought I had a serious chance of PRing. My 4 mile run the previous week was at a really decent pace and it definitely would have been a PR pace had it been during my 8K race. After that run, I looked at the weather for the week and saw that the weather would be in my favor on race night. So I decided to go for a PR.

Then I got sick… I make it through the entire polar vortex unscathed but summer hits and wham… I get a cold. I was TOO surprised. I knew I was lacking on sleep… several months of busy weekend schedules definitely did not help. But still… I was bummed.

I know without a doubt it was the right decision but it does still sting just a bit. It is a small neighborhood race that I really enjoy and though I had not originally planned to make it a goal race, after that amazing 4 miler… I kind of wanted it. Luckily us Chicagoan’s have a phrase, “Wait til next year”

Since the race is a mere couple of blocks from my place and I was going a tad stir crazy from not being able to run… and Eric had ever so kindly gotten my packet for me, mom and I decided to head over to the race to watch and just enjoy the gorgeous weather we were having.

Eric and I decided on a meeting spot and time and after a dinner of Frozen Yogurt (don’t judge… it was yummy), mom and I headed over to the meeting spot. It really was a gorgeous night and I was itching to race… But I was a good girl… well… as good a girl as one can be after having frozen yogurt for dinner :-p

Eric and I chatted about his weekend race plans before heading over to the start area. Mom and I did not intend to stick around for the entire race but thought we would stay to watch everyone off and perhaps watch the super speedy finish both the 8K and the 5K.

1 Bastille 2 Bastille

I snapped pics of the start and finish line… it is rare for me to actually have my phone on me when I race, so I don’t always get pics of either. After some brief announcements, the race was off

7 Bastille

The guy in the red singlet was the winner of the 8K

8 Bastille

And I was just amused by the guy in the tutu… he was rather speedy

10 Bastille

Can you find Eric?

After about 10 minutes, the race asked for the blade runners to line up. There is an entire group in Chicago of them which is just awesome. They got their own special start for the 5K

15 Bastille 17 Bastille

I was bummed that I had to sit this race out but I am glad that I was still able to be there. It truly was just a gorgeous night in the city. I had a lot of fun watching the racers. I will definitely be racing next year.


2 thoughts on “From Racer to Spectator

  1. Great pictures. Too bad you couldn’t run, but I also have at least one or two DNS’s every year. Better to rest than to make your cold worse.

    • You are correct… And though I was feeling better on Thursday and Friday, I seemed to feel somewhat worse on Saturday so definitely a good call. Can only imagine how icky I would have felt over the weekend had I raced.

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