Q&A Wednesday

How did I become a runner?

I can’t really explain why I stuck with running. For roughly two years before I started to keep a running log I would get out there whenever I could. I never had a plan. I never had a goal race in mind. In fact, it was almost two full years before I finally did do a race.

For some reason, I just kept heading out there. It wasn’t every day. I am not even sure if it was every week (again, no record). It was simply one foot in front of the other. For about two years, that is all it was. I would head outside and run. Walking if I needed to and then running when I could.

But I got this thought into my head… to run a Half Marathon

It was a thought I couldn’t shake. I knew I would need to train for it. Consistency would be key. So I decided I would try running 5 days a week and see what happened.

I think that is the moment that I decided to become a runner… The moment the thought popped into my head to run a half marathon.

I continued through the fall trying to be more consistent with running but still not actually tracking it. Then I decided to start a running log. Day one would be January 4, 2010

From there on out, I had a record of my running. I could see how I was improving. Each new running milestone felt amazing. I was excited and I wanted to keep going.

Finally, one day in February, I signed up for that Half Marathon. I was in… I was committed. There was no turning back from that point. The moment I hit that submit button on the race registration, I became a runner.

I just never admitted that to myself… or anyone else for that matter for several more months. But I was a runner… even though I never planned to be one.


2 thoughts on “Q&A Wednesday

    • My true first race was actually the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. But I also ran a 10K and 5K before the half (more as prep for racing in general). I just feel like the desire to run a half and train for one is how I became a runner… I don’t know if I ever would have stuck with it had it not been for that race

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