A New Team

About two weeks ago, I joined a new team.

No, I am NOT leaving the Wurst Running Club Ever. I will always be a road racer at heart. But, I have decided to add OCR’s into the mix. For those that do not know, an OCR is an Obstacle Course Race. And for the record, I had to ask what an OCR was at first as well.

I more or less got talked into joining the team. Those volunteers that I hung out with while volunteering for Ragnar really had a lot of positive things to say about the team. They made it sound like a family. Not only that, but they also made it clear that when you run with the team, it really is a TEAM event. Everyone helps everyone and no one gets left behind.

The talk was mostly surrounding Spartan races. I have heard of Spartan races before and had even looked into them. But to be honest, Spartan intimidated me to no end (still does). My biggest fear is being unable to complete an obstacle (not that uncommon) and having to do burpees (an exercise move that I loathe) and then being unable to actually do the burpees needed to move on. Truth be told (are we noticing a theme this morning) I am REALLY bad at burpees. So bad that I am embarrassed at how bad I am at them. So the final kick in the rear to join the team was when I asked what happens if I cannot do a burpee and I was told, “Then the team does them for you.”

I wasn’t entirely convinced that was an accurate statement, but I threw caution to the wind and joined. Immediately, I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone was incredibly supportive of the runner who cannot do a burpee. These people are warm and inviting and encouraging.

My fears were already easing. I decided to through out my thoughts and ask for suggestions for my first OCR. Everyone listened to my concerns and quickly assured me that the team would be behind me 100%. Not only that, but they were also telling me that the team would do my burpees for me if I was struggling.

Still really nervous, I bit the bullet and signed up for my first ever Spartan race, which I will run in September. I am still nervous and a huge part of me wonders what I got myself into. But I am also excited for this new challenge. It also means that strength training will HAVE to become a regular part of my workout/training regime.

The most incredible thing happened during all of this. The team had members signed up to run the Death Race that weekend (More details on that in a later post). The team was 100% behind both of them. I knew very little about the death race (DR) going into the weekend but knew a few basics. What I did know, however, made it very clear to me that the people taking on this race (and their crew), were incredible. I jumped in to support immediately. I may not have met these people (Yet) but being part of a team means supporting each other and I was ready to do my part.

So with that, the team started to follow along with what was going at the DR over the weekend. Through all of this I started making friends… Chatting with fellow team members over FB. Helping to keep the team updated and just jumping in when someone asked for help (sometimes it was just what kind of shoes do you run in). Little things. They certainly didn’t feel like big things to me. But the entire team was supporting each and every person through everything that was going on over the weekend… and there were quite a few other things going on over the weekend as well.

I was loving it! Seeing all of that support helped to wash away a few more of my fears… they are still there but they are not front and center in my mind any longer.

I am really excited (and honored) to be a part of this team. Seeing everyone’s success and how supportive everyone is of everyone else. It really is great! I know I have a lot of work to do for my upcoming race. I know I am not where I want to be. My only hope is that I can prepare myself by the race. I know that the team is behind me but I also want to do well for the team.

Regardless, I am really excited about this new venture…. August and September training will be interesting…



5 thoughts on “A New Team

  1. I’m so excited for you 🙂 also, all of the teams help each other like one big giant family. Over the weekend our team saw some lone members from another team so they ran with us. We all have the same mentality no matter who it is, we all finish strong! I’ve seen members of various teams run spartan/warrior/etc a few times through to make sure everyone makes it. I can’t wait to hear about your first OCR!

    • Thanks!!!! I am really excited and have really enjoyed the chatting I have done with some of my new team members!

      But I still loathe burpees…. I just have to actually DO them in training now…

  2. Good luck with your new team. I might do a Spartan event someday – I just don’t want to get injured jumping into something like that when I still have some running goals that I want to accomplish.

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