Weekly Training Report: June 30th – July 6th

Jun 30 - Jul 6

Monday – 2.20 Miles

Monday it was insanely hot and humid out. I also had signed up for a class through Fleet Feet at Sproing. My original plan was to run TO the class but when we got the warning for severe storms to roll through starting around the time I would need to leave, I decided it would be safer to get in my run right after work, then chill for a little over an hour and head out. I also wanted two miles instead of one despite the extreme heat and humidity. The run felt pretty good and the workout at Sproing kicked my butt (more on that later)! I was actually able to walk to the workout and the storm hit while we were in the studio (luckily). The rain had died down enough and I was able to walk home as well.

Tuesday – 3.00 Miles

My quads were completely shredded after the workout at Sproing. It was an awesome workout but holy moly did my quads get worked over. I REALLY wanted a three mile run even though I knew it probably wouldn’t be smart to run 3. At my two mile turn around point (AKA water fountain), I debated just heading back home but I stubbornly wanted that extra mile. So I headed to my 3 mile turn around point (yes, another water fountain). Here is where I realized my error… my quads were NOT happy. I started my way back and my quads just kept getting more and more angry with me. They didn’t quite lock up but were pretty close… shortening my stride helped. After, I took a quick shower and then headed over to my best friends to catch up. She (rightfully) teased me each time I tried to sit or get up off the floor… it really was a humorous site.

Wednesday – 1.02 Miles

I was paying for the three mile run the day before. And, of course, second day soreness is always worse. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run more than a mile. The weather had also turned and it was quite chilly out… as in I actually wore a long sleeve… to run… in JULY. The run was difficult and my legs fought me with every step. But I managed to make it through the run. Mom had gotten into town earlier that day so a shortened run wasn’t a bad thing.

Thursday – 3.05 Miles

My job has some perks… like when the market closes early on a holiday, I get to leave early. So I met mom downtown for lunch and then we did a little shopping on Mi Ave… our annual tradition. My quads were feeling better… albeit still sore but much better. I wanted three miles again but wasn’t positive how my legs would feel about that. So I decided I would see how I was feeling at my 2 mile turn around point. The weather was perfect so I was really glad when I got to my turn around point and knew my legs would be able to handle the 3 miles. I felt great and was loving the weather. For the first time in a few years, Chicago was not insanely hot and humid for the 4th holiday weekend.

Friday – 4.03 Miles

It was the last official day of the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak and I wanted to go out with a bang… so-to-speak. Without a doubt I was going to get in three but I really liked the idea of “4 for the 4th” so I thought I would give it a try. Luckily the weather was also in my favor – Sunny with a nice breeze and not too hot or humid. It was the first time legit running more than 3 miles since SF10 so I wasn’t sure how the run would go but I felt great the entire time. Definitely a great day for a run.

Saturday – 1.12 Miles

Since I was pretty much at mileage from the previous week with two running days left, I decided to keep the run to just a mile. I was also a bit tired and already getting pretty hungry for dinner so I figured the quicker the run, the better. All in all the run felt good.

Sunday – 1.09 Miles

I had zero motivation to do this run. But I promised a team member that I would extend my streak so he would have some company for his own streak. And really… it was only a mile. As I stepped outside the high humidity and the heat hit me. It was significantly warmer than the previous day… Luckily I know where all the water fountains are in my neighborhood :-p The run felt pretty good and I was able to pick up the pace a bit. I am not sure if the pace will continue once I start working in longer runs but I have been feeling good.


It was a great week of training! Loved being able to get in a 4 mile run. Thrilled that the 4 mile run went well too since I have an 8K coming up this week… and it really has been a while since I have run more than 3 miles. So feeling much better about the race now. The weather looks decent too so now I am playing with the idea of going for time, which was not my original plan.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: June 30th – July 6th

  1. Sounds like that Sproing workout was a good one, but it is probably a good idea to plan a day off afterwards! Glad to hear the 4 miler went well. Good luck in the 8k this week!

    • It was an excellent workout but too leg intensive… I think it should focus more on upper and lower body equally. And I definitely should have done only a mile the day after…


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