Month in Review: June

June 2014

For the first time EVER, I ran every single day for the month. The run streak has been interesting… I will right a full recap of the run streak next week so for now lets just go over June.

I have been doing a bit of strength training here and there… nothing that I am tracking though. Come August and September I will be hitting the strength training hard so I thought it would be a good idea to start to prep myself for that.

I managed to get in two AWESOME HIIT workouts as well. Both kicked my butt but I loved every minute of each. And I also managed to get in the running before each one. Proof, that I can make running a priority in my life. But I won’t lie, the two times I have had to run in the morning (outside of a race) were not pleasant…

June Glance 2014

Because of a few points of just sheer exhaustion and knowing that my body needed some sort of rest, I choose to do one week of mostly one mile runs. And a few of those days, those one milers were far more difficult than some of the three milers I have done. Life can sometimes catch up with training but I still made it work. So that was a good lesson to learn.

Year to Year June

Let’s talk some numbers… It wasn’t my best June ever but it was my second best. I do think I could have done more but scheduling and exhaustion took over and I made the decision to not risk injury or make myself more exhausted by cutting mileage. Plus, without a race of significant distance on the schedule, I didn’t see the point in forcing high mileage quite yet. After taking off a good portion of April and May, I have been more concerned with slowly adding back the miles and just being consistent. My ultimate goal for the year is still to maintain a solid base

June Averages

Averages… I would have liked to have been over 2 miles for an average for the month. But at the same time, I know I made the right decision to be conservative in my running. I am, however, really pleased with my average pace for the month. Looking at the data, it is very clear the days that I ran where my body just wanted rest more than a run… or when I ran in the morning. Overall, I felt strong on a majority of my runs. I even got in some very fast miles. I expect to slow a bit in July with the plan to run fewer days but higher mileage… and, of course, with the heat.

But since I still run solely on feel, who knows what will happen.

I am still up in the air about whether or not I will extend the streak. For the most part, I doubt I will with mom in town. But who knows. I will, however, try to run at least 5 days a week… streak or not.


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